Parking & Transportation

Contact Royal Carribean Customer Service at 866-562-7625 if you have any questions. 

Parking is conveniently available at all cruise terminals. Designated disabled permit parking spaces are available in each garage. Spaces are also available for oversized vehicles (oversized vans, recreational vehicles and vehicles with trailers) at special rates. All facilities are patrolled by security. Oversized vehicles may only park in Lot #2, across from Cruise Terminal E.


Hours and Access

On cruise days only, all garages and Lot #2 are open and manned by a parking attendant from 6 a.m. to 5 p.m. Please note that Garage J is pre-paid only. Passengers pay upon arrival to Garage J and are given a decal to post in their vehicle for the duration of their cruise.

To access parking garages and Lot 2 on non-cruise days, please contact PortMiami Cruise Operations or Port Security at 305-347-4800.


Rates & Payment

Royal Caribbean Terminal A Garage rates as of January 15, 2022:

  • For sailings 6 days or more – the rate will remain the same - $25 per night
  • For sailings 5 nights or less – the new rate will be $28 per night
  • Day Visitor rates across all days – the new rate will be $10 for the day


All other garages and lots:

  • Short term, per vehicle, per space, per day (no overnight), or fraction of $8
  • Long term (overnight or greater), per vehicle, per space, per day or fraction of $22
  • Long term (high density, overnight or greater), per vehicle, per space, per day or fraction of $22
  • Special events, per vehicle, per space, no less than $15

Lost ticket (equivalent to 11-day cruise), per vehicle, per space $242


Garage Clearance Heights


Garage A

Garage C

Garage D

Garage G

Garage J

First Floor 7'2" 9' 8'2'' 9'6'' 8'2''
Second Floor 8'        
Remaining Floors 7'2" 6'10'' 6'8'' 6'11'' 6'10''


All of our garages and Lot E accept cash, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, or any major U.S. Traveler's Check. No debit cards are accepted.


Cell Phone Lots

Two cell phone waiting lots for automobile drivers picking up debarking cruise passengers are available across from Terminal B and Terminal 2 (north of the Seaman's Center).


For Disabled Persons

Miami-Dade County Ordinance requires all guests with a disabled parking permit or license tag to pay standard parking rates except as provided by Florida State Law. However, two hours of complimentary parking will be provided to vehicles displaying a disabled parking permit or license tag.

In accordance with Florida Statute 316.1964, ONLY vehicles with specialized equipment such as ramps, lifts, or foot or hand controls, for use by a person who has a disability, or any vehicle displaying a State of Florida license plate for disabled veterans Adobe PDF issued under s. 320.084, s. 320.0842, or s. 320.0845 or displaying the Florida Toll Exemption permit, is exempt from parking charges.


Disabled Veterans Parking

Effective July 1, 2016, disabled veterans displaying a Florida license plate for Disabled Veterans, issued under Fla. Statute 320.084, will receive free parking. The disabled veteran to whom the license plate was issued must be in the vehicle in order for this exception to apply.

Please note that as long as your vehicle has a State of Florida disabled veterans tag, your parking is complementary in accordance with Florida Statutes.  When you exit the parking facility, please present the Toll Attendant your original parking ticket, driver license and State of Florida vehicle registration.  The Toll Attendant will have you complete a short form and that is all there is to it. 


Parking Garage

Parking Garage

Cell Phone Waiting Lot

Cell Phone Waiting Lot