Where do your property taxes go?

The Tax Visualizer lets you see how the property taxes for a particular address/folio number are distributed. Type in an address and get results for 2014. Also, see how your millage rate compares to other taxing jurisdictions in Miami-Dade County.

Property tax revenues are levied by the following taxing authorities:

Note: The Tax Visualizer only delineates Ad Valorem taxes and does not include Non Ad Valorem service fees such as solid waste disposal and lighting districts.

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millage chart legend, the red bar is for your information and the blue ones are for the other municipalities.

*This chart represents an aggregate of all millage rates for a particular municipality

Property Information

Current address:

Current folio number:


You can search properties by folio number or address.

When searching by address...

  • Use standard abbreviations such as “ST”, “AVE”, and “LN”.
  • DO NOT type in the City, State, Zip Code.
  • DO NOT use special characters such as “#, :, .”
  • Your address should be visible in the drop-down box, as you start typing. For best results, choose your address, and click “Search”
For example:
If your address is “1234 Southwest 123 Lane, Miami, FL 33100,” type the following:

1234 SW 123 LN

Hover over pie chart slices for additional detail about each taxing authority