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Hurricane Irma

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Functions of the Citizens' Independent Transportation Trust

The powers and responsibilities of the Transportation Trust include the following:

  • To monitor, oversee, review, audit, and investigate implementation of the transportation and transit projects listed in any levied by the County under authority of Florida Statute 212.055.
  • To assure compliance with any limitations imposed in the levy on the expenditure of surtax proceeds, including but not limited to:
    • a. any limitation that surtax proceeds only be expended for the transportation and transit purposes specified in Florida Statute 212.055(1)(d)1-3;
    • b. any limitation that no more than 5% of surtax proceeds be expended on administrative costs, exclusive of project management and oversight for projects funded by the surtax; and
    • c. the limitation that the County Commission may not delete or materially change any County project listed in Exhibit 1 attached to the ordinance levying the surtax nor add any project thereto except as provided this subsection ( c ). A proposed deletion, material change or addition of such a County project shall be initially reviewed by the Transportation Trust, which shall forward a recommendation thereon to the County Commission. The County Commission may either accept or reject the Transportation Trust's recommendation. If the County Commission rejects the recommendation, the matter shall be referred back to the Transportation Trust for its reconsideration and issuance of a reconsidered recommendation to the County Commission. The County Commission may approve, change or reject the Transportation Trust reconsidered recommendation. A two-thirds vote of the Commission membership shall be required to take action other than as contained in the reconsidered recommendation of the Transportation Trust. The foregoing not withstanding, the list of County projects contained in Exhibit 1 may be changed as a result of the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) process as mandated by federal and state law.
    • d. any requirement with regard to maintenance of effort of general fund support for Miami-Dade Transit.
  • To assure compliance with any applicable federal and state requirements;
  • To require monthly reports from the manager, County agencies and instrumentalities regarding the implementation of the projects funded by surtax proceeds (which reports shall be posted on-line, i.e., made publicly accessible on the Internet);
  • To file a report, including any recommendations, with the Mayor and the County Commission on a quarterly basis regarding the implementation of the projects funded by surtax proceeds; and
  • To monitor, oversee and periodically report to the County Commission on the level of CSBEs and CBEs in contracts funded in whole or in part with surtax proceeds, and to recommend ways to increase such participation.


Budget & Accounting

Responsible for the development of the departmental budget; handles all accounts receivables and accounts payables. Acts as liaison with the Commission Auditor.


Community Outreach

Responsible for coordinating a comprehensive public education/community outreach program to provide information on the PTP uses; supporting and monitoring the municipalities that receive 20 percent of the surtax proceeds to ensure compliance with relevant ordinances and state statutes; and provides support in community outreach efforts, including analysis of community satisfaction with PTP improvements, which may be contracted out.

Monitors municipal spending of their respective share of the PTP surtax to ensure that the spending is within the guidelines as specified. Portions of the technical assistance services for the municipalities are also expected to be provided through contractual services. Responsible for monitoring Disadvantaged Business Enterprises/Community Small Business Enterprise (DBE/CSBE) programs in surtax-funded projects.


Municipal Liaison

The Municipal administrator functions as the liaison between the Office of the Citizens' Independent Transportation Trust (OCITT) and the 34 municipalities that receive Charter County Transportation Surtax funds.

In this capacity, the municipal liaison oversees and monitors municipal transit and transportation projects funded by the surtax proceeds, and ensures municipal compliance and conformity to plans approved by the Transportation Trust.


Project Review and Financial Analysis

Provides financial monitoring and analysis of PTP amendments, contracts, etc., including the oversight of auditing activities and coordination of the bond financing process. Project Manager for the Financial Consultant that assists the Transportation Trust in auditing the use of surtax proceeds for compliance with applicable ordinances.

Provides cost/benefit analysis as needed; performs programmatic audits to ensure appropriate and most efficient use of surtax funds; monitors the implementation of surtax funded improvements; reviews contracts to ensure compliance with limitations imposed by tax; and reviews proposed PTP amendments for consistency with the goals of the PTP.

Assistance in trends analysis and cost/benefit analysis may be provided through contracted services.


Strategic and Financial Planning

Strategic and Financial Planning coordinates and collaborates with the County in financial planning for future major capital investments and corridor improvements. It is responsible for leading the research, analysis, development and advocacy, in cooperation with the County, of creative and innovative funding and financing solutions to increase future capital and operating fund availability for transit improvements.

The project manager does an annual review and analysis of the County's Pro Forma financial statement created for the PTP to address intermediate and long term funding resources for transit capital, operations and maintenance. Also, Strategic and Financial Planning provides support for study, review and analysis may be provided through contracted financial consultant services.


To contact the person serving in any of these functions, visit our Contact Us page.




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