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Five-Year Implementation Plan of the People’s Transportation Plan

The report below is the twelfth annual update of the Five-Year Implementation Plan of the People’s Transportation Plan (PTP), a publicly-supported transportation improvement program established to develop an integrated mass transportation network and to complete roadway improvements in Miami-Dade County and its municipalities.

The plan documents the current status of progress on the implementation of surtax funded PTP projects. The plan includes references to the projects from the County’s 2023-2024 Adopted Capital Budget. Future annual updates to the PTP will continue to monitor the actual implementation of the projects, their adherence to budget and schedule, and any changes to the Plan. Note that the project progress is presented as of December 2022 and financial information is presented as of September 2022 throughout the Plan, unless otherwise specified. 

Adopted Fiscal Years 2024-2028 Plan

Five-Year Plan sections

  1. Introduction - includes background information on the People’s Transportation Plan (PTP) and Surtax collection, Overview of the House Bill 385 (HB385), Plan description, Statement of CITT’s Guiding Principles and Priorities, and synopsis of notable changes to the FY 2024-28 Plan compared to the previous update.
  2. First/Last Mile/Leg Connectivity and Shared Mobility Services – provides information on the current and planned first/last mile and shared mobility options available within the County. This section is informational and also discusses the impacts of HB 385 on the First/Last Mile/Leg projects.
  3. New and Active Projects – includes new projects to be funded with surtax dollars and active projects in process or planned within the five-year period. Project detail information is included for each of the new projects, as well as updates to the existing projects.
  4. Municipal Program – includes an overview of transit service, other transit and transportation projects and programs funded by municipalities using their share of surtax funds.
  5. Inactive Projects Summary – projects that are fully completed, where construction has been completed, or unfunded projects, where the entire PTP item was deemed infeasible, canceled by Board action, or any further implementation deferred outside the Five-Year plan period (beyond fiscal year 2028). View detailed project descriptions of Inactive Projects with project cost estimates and expenditures.

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