Renew Your Vehicle Registration

Miami-Dade County Tax Collector Peter Cam is happy to announce the launch of RenewExpress, the fast and easy way to renew your vehicle, vessel and mobile home registration online. Customers may select to have their renewed registration mailed or schedule an in-office pick up at our service location.  Learn more about RenewExpress from our Tax Collector Peter Cam in English or Spanish.  

All motor vehicles, vessels, mobile homes and trailers in the state of Florida must be registered and renewed for either one or two-year periods. When you choose the two-year renewal, you will receive the registration with an additional year added to the expiration date.

Unofficial third-party sites, such as eTagsDirect, are offering to process online car registration renewals. These private companies are not affiliated with the Miami-Dade County Tax Collector or the state of Florida and charge excessive fees for their online services.

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