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We pledge to instill trust and confidence by conducting elections that are fair, accurate, transparent and accessible for all voters of Miami-Dade County.


Be Election Ready

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American Flag with Election text

Learn about the upcoming countywide elections in 2024, including important deadlines and dates.

2024 Countywide Elections
Image of poll workers smiling. Click to read more about poll workers.

Be a proud poll worker. Make a difference, serve your community.

Poll Workers
Table with forms laid out. There's a person on one side of the table filling out a voter registration form.

Register to vote online or by mail and review your voter registration status. Make changes if necessary.

Register to Vote
Image of two mailboxes

Vote by mail to avoid the lines and vote in the comfort of your own home. Also find out if we've received your mail ballot.

Vote by Mail
Close up photo of someone handing in their voter ID card to someone else

Read information about early voting.

Early Voting
Miami-Dade Elections I Voted Sticker

Learn about voting on Election Day, as well as when and where to vote.

Vote on Election Day
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Specialized Information

Image of candidates checklist.

Review valuable information for candidates and those looking to run for office; County Candidates’ qualifying documents and campaign finance reports.

Close-up of wheelchair

Every registered voter in Miami-Dade, including voters with disabilities, can cast a vote.

Voters with Special Needs

Read for information on proposed constitutional amendments, initiatives and referendums.

Petition Amendments, Initiatives and Referendums

News & Events

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Job interview with male and female applicants

Become part of our team to help build trust and confidence in Miami-Dade County by ensuring elections are fair, accurate, transparent, and accessible for all voters.

Christina White and local artist Xavier Cortada

The interpretative American Flag includes each of the 380,000 unique last names that make up the registered voters of Miami-Dade County.

Mail ballot envelope

Recent changes to the election laws in Florida require voters who vote by mail to submit a new request. All requests for vote-by-mail ballots expired as of Dec. 31, 2022.

Abstract image of a padlock surrounded by stylized rings with a red to blue gradient.

See how the Miami-Dade County Elections Department is committed to ensuring the ongoing integrity and security of the voting process.

Photo of the U.S. Constitution

Amendment 4 restores the voting rights of Floridians with felony convictions after they complete all terms of their sentence including parole or probation.

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Data, Documents & Legal Notices

Read breakdowns of current voting precincts, districts and municipalities, including municipal codes.

Check out countywide data broken down by political party, precincts, districts and more, including demographics.

Search financial disclosures and filing status, and find information on outside employment.

Find local, statewide and federal elected officials, including their current terms in office.

Learn everything you need to know about forming a political committee.

Find legal notices regarding different municipal and countywide elections, as well as updated lists of ineligible voters.

About Us

We handle all federal, state, county and municipal elections. We also provide election services and assistance to municipalities, School Districts, Special Taxing Districts, Community Council Districts, and Community Development Districts in Miami-Dade County.

We provide services to registered and potential voters, as County candidates and political committees, third-party organizations, and the community at large.

Voting is one of our constitutional rights and key to our nation's democracy. Through your vote, you exercise your right to be heard.

The Elections Department is here to serve you! Please do not hesitate to email us with your questions and suggestions, or call 311 for additional information.