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Every 10 years, upon completion of the census, jurisdictions at the local, state and federal level proceed with redistricting as a result of the census data, ensuring equitable representation.

After redistricting, the Supervisor of Elections updates the county’s voting precincts to conform the precinct boundaries to the new district boundaries. This is defined as “reprecincting” and is necessary to ensure a single precinct has a single set of representatives. This contributes to accurate and efficient election administration and improves the voters’ Election Day experience. On June 21, 2023, the Miami-Dade Board of County Commissioners passed Resolution R-536-23, approving the reprecincting plan.

The reprecincting process results in some voters being assigned to a new Election Day voting location from what they have been used to. A methodical and conservative approach was taken while developing the 2023 reprecincting plan. Less than 11 percent of registered voters countywide have been assigned to a new voting location on Election Day. If you are an Election Day voter, you will want to confirm you know where to vote before heading out.

All voters, whether impacted by a change or not, will receive a new Voter Information Card in the mail in August or September. Please pay close attention to the information on this card to determine if your Election Day voting location has changed.

Additionally, voters should review their personal information including name, address, political party, voting districts and precinct information. If any updates to your voter record are necessary, you can make these changes online. You can also view this information on the Voter Information page.

When you receive your new Voter Information Card, be sure to discard your old one. This can be confirmed by looking at the “ISSUED” date on the top right of the card.
Voter ID Card