Petition Amendments, Initiatives and Referendums

Constitutional Amendments

Proposed amendments to the Florida Constitution may be made by a joint resolution of the Florida Legislature, a citizens' initiative, a proposal from the Constitutional Revision Commission, or a proposal from the Taxation and Budget Reform Commission. Proposed amendments require at least 60% approval from voters to pass [see Florida Constitution, Article XI, Section 5(e)].

*Pursuant to Florida Statute 100.371(11)(b), Miami-Dade County's actual cost of signature verification of an initiative petition is $1.15.

Proposed Constitutional Amendment Statistics
05/01/2024 through 05/31/2024

More information can be found on the Division of Elections’ website

Initiatives and Referendums for Miami-Dade County Home Rule Charter

The electors of Miami-Dade County shall have the power to propose to the Board of County Commissioners passage or repeal of ordinances and to vote on the question if the Board refuses action in accordance with Article 8 of the Miami-Dade County Home Rule Charter.

Petition signature verification information can be found in Section 12-23 of the Code of Ordinances for Miami-Dade County.

Initiatives and Referendums for a Municipality in Miami-Dade County

Please contact the Municipal Clerk’s Office of the municipality you are interested in for more information regarding this process.

*Cost of signature verification for Initiatives and Referendums for a Municipality in Miami-Dade County is $.10.

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