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Projects that Protect

Mitigation is a way to lessen the impact of a disaster on a community through preparedness, structural hardening and infrastructure projects. Your membership in the Local Mitigation Strategy (LMS) Workgroup is your gateway to mitigation funding.
  • Why Mitigate?

    • For every dollar invested it is estimated you save $4 in potential losses
    • May protect your loved ones, homes and businesses from harm
    • Helps a community recover more quickly from a disaster
  • How We Help Local Communities with Mitigation

    Miami-Dade Office of Emergency Management runs the Local Mitigation Strategy (LMS) Workgroup that meets quarterly. 

    • Provide updates and information on mitigation topics through meetings and email Maintains and updates the Local
    • Mitigation Strategy plan that is approved by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) 
    • Maintains a list of projects that may become eligible for mitigation or other grant funding
    • Coordinates with local communities that participate in the Community Rating System program to save people money on flood insurance
    • Coordinates with the State and FEMA after a disaster to get federal funding to help communities rebuild stronger
  • How Can You Mitigate?

    Make a plan

    • Assess your risks to determine what you/your residence may be vulnerable to (e.g flooding, storm surge from hurricanes, high winds, power outages)
    • Buy insurance to help protect yourself financially if a disaster hits
    • Protect your windows and doors from high winds (e.g. storm shutters, impact windows/doors)
    • Have tie down straps installed in your roof
    • If you do need to evacuate know where you plan to go, how you will get there and what you need to take.
  • Resources

    • Federal Alliance for Safe Homes offers tips on how to Protect your Home and How to Be Prepared
    • For more information or to ask questions please email [email protected]

LMS Quarterly Meetings

June 12
September 11
December 4

LMS Mitigation Bulletin