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Jennifer Moon - Chief

Jennifer Moon is the Chief of the newly established Office of Policy and Budgetary Affairs. This office has been created to provide professional and experienced policy and budgetary support to the Board of County Commissioners of the largest County in the State of Florida. Moon oversees a staff with extensive experience in local government policy development, strategic planning and resource allocation that performs research on pending policy and legislation, as well as monitoring the budget and budget development activities of the administration and preparing required amendments for the Board to consider as it adopts the County budget.

Moon made her mark in the County government as the first woman ever to oversee the County's extensive budget responsibilities, integrating budget management with strategic planning and performance improvement. She also served as the Deputy Mayor managing the Department of Transportation and Public Works, Solid Waste Management, Elections and Animal Services. Beginning in March 2020, Moon facilitated the County's response to the COVID -19 pandemic, compiling and updating all Emergency Orders and the New Normal Handbook, one of the first documents providing guidelines for residents and businesses to mitigate the spread of the virus.

As the Budget Director, Moon's responsibilities included facilitating the development of the County's $9 billion budget through a results-oriented resource allocation process. The Resourcing for Results budgeting system developed and implemented by Moon, focuses on allocating the County's funds in a manner which reflects the priorities established through the County's Strategic Plan.

In addition to supporting the annual budget development, Moon was responsible for the entire results-oriented governing cycle, including business planning, performance measurement and monitoring, and organizational and community reporting. She also managed the $2.9 billion Building Better Communities General Obligation Bond program and supervises the administration of Community Redevelopment Areas in Miami-Dade County. As part of her diverse portfolio, Moon provided support to the various incorporation and annexation activities in Miami-Dade County and supervises the allocation, contracting and monitoring of approximately $35 million in local and federal grants to community-based organizations.

Previously, in 2002, she served the 11th Judicial Circuit of Florida. As the Director of Administrative Services for the Circuit, Moon supervised various areas, including the Circuit's procurement, budgetary, and financial operations.

She began her career with Miami-Dade County in 1994 as a Management Trainee. From 1995 to 2002, she held various positions within the County government. Several of her roles in Miami-Dade County include her role of Assistant to the County Manager, Management Trainee Program Coordinator and Budget Analyst.

She has a bachelor's degree in English from Florida State University. Moon graduated Magna Cum Laude and also obtained a Master's in Business Administration from the University of Miami. Her specialization lies in political science and public administration.

Moon and her husband Christopher are the proud parents of two daughters, Angela and Ashley.