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Miami-Dade County Legislative Delegation

Working Together for South Florida

The Miami-Dade County Legislative Delegation was created when the state elected officials recognized the importance of their numbers and believed that as a united Delegation, speaking with a single voice, they could exercise political influence and visibility far beyond their numbers. The Delegation as a whole forms a pivotal voting bloc whose numbers and cohesion allows them to dramatically influence the creation, direction and enforcement of public policy.

Today, there are 24 members, six State Senators and 18 State Representatives, representing the largest and most populated county in the State of Florida. Delegation members have been called upon to work as advocates for varied constituent interests-developing an ever-expanding legislative agenda, as well as addressing the concerns of their own particular districts.

Executive Director Samantha Laurel of the Miami-Dade County Legislative Delegation coordinates legislative issues with the Delegation members and their staff both in Tallahassee and Miami-Dade County, the Office of Intergovernmental Affairs, as well as the Legislature's Committee staff in Tallahassee.

The Delegation's office primary function is to assist the Legislative Delegation in its daily activities. Those activities range form representing the Delegation members at various community meetings, writing press releases for all legislative achievements/awards of the members, assists citizens in communicating with the members, organizing public hearings and acting as a liaison between the Intergovernmental Affairs Office and the Delegation as needed.

Each year, the Delegation office organizes public hearings which affords the general public, governmental entities and community groups the opportunity to express/request assistance with various projects/issues. The hearings are held in various locations around the County with one normally scheduled for the Commission Chambers. The Delegation formulates its list of legislative priorities from the information obtained at those public hearings. From that list and what the County submits, the Delegation will vote during the first week of the Legislative Session on their list of Critical/Priority Issues.

Senator Ana Maria Rodriguez currently serves as the Chair of the Delegation and Representative Dotie Joseph serves as the Vice Chair. Each Chair and Vice Chair serves a one-year term.