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Broadband & Digital Equity Plan

Since taking office as Mayor of Miami-Dade County, my administration has been focused on building a more inclusive, thriving economy by harnessing our County’s resources, innovative spirit, and talent. Our economy – ranked the fastest-recovered in the nation – continues to grow with inbound investments, business relocations, and workers in search of new job opportunities.
With our FutureReady Miami-Dade economic development strategy, we are capitalizing on this forward momentum to usher in a new era for the County – one in which our government, community, and the private sector build a collaborative ecosystem for economic growth that is innovation-led, inclusive, and sustainable.

Broadband connectivity has never been more critical. To achieve this, fast access must be available to all just like water and electricity. In our community, only 36% of households have access to top-quality, fiber-based broadband, and more than 455,000 households do not have access to competitive pricing and internet service providers. Closing the digital divide will catalyze the local momentum of innovation to fuel our inclusive economy. 
Miami-Dade Mayor speaking.
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Our Approach

Position Miami-Dade County to receive and maximize use of Federal and State broadband funding by aligning with other organizations receiving broadband funds.
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Foster an environment that promotes an open, competitive Internet Service Provider (ISP) marketplace that enables new affordable, high-quality Internet service options Countywide.
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Increase broadband adoption and maximize resident reach through close coordination with digital inclusion, workforce, and economic development organizations in the County.
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Our Vision: To enable access to high-speed internet for all Miami-Dade County residents.

Broadband access has never been more critical to bridging the digital divide. Today, internet access remains a barrier for residents of low-income communities to access job opportunities, educational tools, training resources, services, and more.

One-third of Miami-Dade County households live without high-speed connectivity. Miami-Dade has a once-in-a-generation opportunity to connect all residents and businesses to higher-quality internet services.

With the volume of federal and state funding that is anticipated, this plan will ensure coordinated efforts across the community to increase regional viability for funding that includes opportunities commencing in 2023 that total over $45 billion.

  • Broadband, Equity, Access & Deployment Program (BEAD; $42.45 billion)
  • State Digital Equity Capacity Grants ($2.75 billion)
  • Enabling Middle Mile Broadband Program ($1 billion)

Community Feedback

Girl doing homework.
"I am no longer concerned that we will have to give up our internet service due to its high cost. I have been able to apply for jobs and other opportunities as well as use the internet with my kids for their schoolwork and projects. I’m just happy to be a part of this program.”  

- Kingshinika, Miami Connected participant 

Mom and Daughter“Thanks to having internet service again, I have been able to re-enroll in online classes as well as start an online business that I can run from home. These opportunities for additional income go a long way for a single parent like myself.” 
- Makeida, Miami Connected participant