Fight the bite - even in the fall
November 25, 2019 — Solid Waste Management

The holidays are upon us as evidenced by Christmas and Hanukah decorations on store shelves. While we can officially say goodbye to the oppressive summer heat, we unfortunately are not able to say goodbye and good riddance to pesky mosquitoes.

The threat of mosquito bites and the potentially serious diseases they may carry is real all year long. Follow some simple tips to protect yourself and your family.

  • Eliminate unnecessary standing water. Discard any objects that may hold water and attract egg-laying mosquitoes including pots, pans, kiddie pools, tree stumps (fill with mortar) and rain gutters. Cover boats with secure tarps.
  • Refresh water. Change pet water dishes and bird baths at least once a week to disrupt the mosquito life cycle.
  • Create a barrier to your home. Install screens for windows, doors and outdoor patios.
  • Cover up. Wear long-sleeves, pants, socks and shoes. Consider using mosquito netting to cover the bedding of children younger than two months. 
  • Treat bromeliads. Bromeliads hold water and create an ideal environment for mosquito breeding. Prevent the larvae from breathing by adding a few drops of vegetable oil or a spritz of non-stick cooking spray in the center of each plant.

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