Local Business Tax Receipt
(formerly known as Occupational License)

We are strongly encouraging our tax payers and customers to conduct any Tax Collector business transactions including applying for or renewing your local business tax receipt, or requesting a change to an existing Business Tax account using the buttons located to the right under Online Options to access the online payment system and BTExpress for new applications instead of visiting our Public Service Office in person.

Local business tax receipts for each place of business, and for each separate local business tax classification at the same location, are required by Miami-Dade County and each municipality (if applicable).

The County issues local business tax receipts for one year, beginning Oct. 1 and expiring on Sept. 30. A business located within a municipality is required to obtain both a city receipt and a County receipt.

Once you receive your local business tax receipt, it must be prominently displayed at your place of business, in open view to the public, and subject to inspection by Miami-Dade County.

Receipts are transferable when there is a change of ownership, business location or trade name.

Before starting the application process, review your business tax category to see if you have additional requirements or are eligible for an exemption.

New applicants must use the online application system or fill out and print the Local Business Tax receipt application and submit it by mail or in person.

Read more on the new Florida Ordinance 21-26, Section 18-C, Florida Friendly Fertilizer Use. You are required to fill out the Fertilizer Applicant Affidavit.

To pay your local business tax online as a renewal, you will need to provide your receipt number.

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