Continuing Education for Contractors and Tradesmen

For local contractors and tradesmen, Chapter 10 of the Code of Miami-Dade County requires that 16 hours of continuing education, approved by the Construction Trades Qualifying Board, to be obtained as a condition of license renewal. The approved courses must be presented by board-approved course sponsors.

The Approved Course Sponsor and Course list may be referred to obtain information regarding available courses, as well as contact information for the various course sponsors.

Continuing education is an obligation which pertains to professional contractors and tradesmen whether licensed by the State of Florida or Miami-Dade County. Continuing education is commonly viewed by local licensed construction professionals as one avenue for them to ensure that they can remain competitive by keeping up to date regarding issues that impact the dynamic and challenging construction industry.

A contractor who has a firm grasp of fundamental trade knowledge, sound business practices, an understanding of applicable tax laws, insurance and workplace safety will always have the advantage over the competition.

The public benefits from continuing education by having a contractor or tradesman who has a greater probability for providing improved job performance, which, in turn, will lead to greater customer satisfaction with fewer complaints, increased quality and efficiency regarding construction, improved safety procedures, and less potential liability.

A wide variety of effective and relevant continuing education classes are available for local contractors and tradesmen. While contractors and tradesmen are considered skilled in their particular field, there are, nonetheless, classes designed to improve proficiency in various trades, provide information regarding advancements and innovations within specific trades and general trade refresher courses.

Many classes are designed to improve the business skills of the contractor and tradesmen. These classes include: interviewing techniques, estimating, management, fair personnel practices, business practices, ethics, plan review, insurance, computer training, AutoCAD and Internet uses for small businesses.

Courses that are beneficial in providing up-to-date information regarding laws and rules applicable to the construction industry are also provided, such as: federal tax updates, wage laws, Florida lien laws, workers' compensation laws and legislative updates.

Additionally, safety is an important concern within the construction industry and is reflected by several courses aimed at providing a safer work environment, such as: general construction safety, scaffolds, ladders and stairs, and occupational health and safety administration requirements.

Contractors and tradesmen who understand and stay current with cutting-edge developments in their trades, acquire business related computer skills, understand and stay current with the latest laws and rules, and maintain construction safety as an ongoing focus are better equipped to provide for the best interests of the community in the built environment.

Miami-Dade County licensed contractors and tradesmen may schedule continuing education training by contacting approved course sponsors contained in the Approved Course Sponsor and Course list.

Mandatory seminars have been included in the biennial 16 hours of continuing education necessary for license renewal. A minimum of one hour in each of the following areas of study shall be included: Chapter 10 of the Code of Miami-Dade County and Florida Statute 713. The remaining 14 hours of continuing education may be satisfied through attendance at any Construction Trades Qualifying Board-approved courses.

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