Contractor Examinations

Contractors and tradesmen must take exams to ensure they are qualified to conduct their work.

Examinations for certificates of competency and eligibility are offered several times a month. The exams are open book and the required books for each exam category can be found in the provider's exam descriptions.

The deadline to apply to take an examination is approximately four weeks before the exam date.

If the category you are applying for is an exam category, you must take the exam and pass with at least a grade of 70 percent. Journeymen must obtain a grade of 75 percent or better to pass.

Once you submit your application, it will be reviewed by the Contractor Trades Qualifying Board and, if approved, you will be provided information on how to schedule your exam.

Exams are offered in English or Spanish, and special accommodations can be made for those who have disabilities.

Upon completion of a test, you will be given a test score at the testing center. There is no charge for the on-site scoring, and the tests will be scored within one minute. Candidates can also access their scores at any time online and logging into their account using their Candidate ID and Password.

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