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Contracting Opportunities

Read the information below for contracting opportunities. You may also visit County department websites for additional information.

Capital Projects Forecast

Per Resolution R-418-16, County departments and the Public Health Trust are required to publish through the Small Business Development Division a list of projected capital projects which will be procured within two years and update the list on a bi-annual basis.

Projects Under Review

Verification of Availability to Bid forms are posted here (when applicable) for current Architectural & Engineering, Construction and Procurement projects, and may be submitted any time prior to the posting of the SBD Final Recommendation.

Equitable Distribution Program

Miami-Dade County created the Equitable Distribution Program to facilitate increased contracting opportunities to community-based Architecture and Engineering firms, as well as afford County department's access to qualified professionals for smaller projects in an expedited fashion without necessitating a formal solicitation process.

Miscellaneous Construction Contracts Program

Find all the requirements needed to participate in the Miscellaneous Construction Contracts program.