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Small Business

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Verify a firm's small business enterprise certification and search through a directory of certified firms.

Certified Small Businesses
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Read to find out if your business qualifies.

Certification Programs
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Check out the Capital Projects Forecast, learn about the Equitable Distribution Program, read Projects Under Review and more.

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Read all of the forms used by the Small Business Division and weekly and monthly reports.

Learn about the Sections of the Code and Implementing Orders related to the Small Business Programs.

Read up on the Advisory Boards created to provide general program oversight and assist in tracking and monitoring the Small Business Enterprise Programs.

About Us

Small Business Development (SBD) is a division of the Internal Services Department. SBD is responsible for the administration of Miami-Dade County's Small Business Enterprise, Wage and Workforce Programs. Additionally, SBD is responsible for the County’s Debarment, Cone of Silence, Selection Committee Formations, Change Order Coordination Process, Anti-Discrimination Ordinance, Prompt Payment Ordinance, Equitable Distribution Program, and Miscellaneous Construction Contracts Program as mandated by County Code, implementing orders, and federal regulations.

Serving the County's small business community and ensuring workforce requirements are met are our main priorities. For more information, please contact us at 305-375-3111 or via email.

There were approximately 1,559 firms certified in the Small Business Enterprise Programs during fiscal year 15-16. As a result of the efforts of SBD in applying small business measures, over $166 million was awarded to certified small businesses during fiscal year 15-16.