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Contract Requirements

Contractors are urged to review contracts to ensure compliance with all County requirements. Below are those various contract requirements. Also, read about Public Private Partnerships.

Subcontractor and Supplier Listings

Any entity contracting with the County shall report the race, gender and ethnic origin of the owners and employees of all first-tier subcontractors.

Community Workforce Program

The Community Workforce program is designed to provide job opportunities to local residents of traditionally underserved and underdeveloped neighborhoods.

All Miami-Dade County capital construction projects and work orders are subject to the inclusion of a workforce goal. This goal is a percentage of labor force that a County-awarded contractor or subcontractor must hire from within the Designated Target Area in which the construction project and work order is located.

Job Clearinghouse

Contractors involved in the construction of improvements on County property must post a notice with Miami-Dade County. CareerSource South Florida matches the requirements of submittals with available workforce in their database and provides a list to contractors for possible interviews and hiring.

Subcontractor Payments

The contractor shall identify all subcontractors used in the work, the amount of each subcontract and the amount paid to each subcontractor.

Monthly Utilization Reports

Monthly Utilization Report is a report completed by the successful bidder on a contract to report dollars it has requisitioned and been paid by the County, as well as those dollars paid to subcontractors and sub-consultants.

Living Wage

All covered employees providing service pursuant to the service contractor's contract shall be paid a living wage of no less than a stipulated dollar amount per hour inclusive of a stipulated dollar amount per hour for health benefits. The rates for the current and years are posted here for reference.

Responsible Wages & Benefits

Responsible wages and benefits apply to competitively bid construction contracts valued greater than $100,000 as defined in the provisions of Section 2-11.16 of the code of Miami-Dade County. Employees performing work on County construction contracts and privately funded construction on County owned land shall be paid rates not less than those contained in the Wage and Benefits Schedule in effect as of Jan. 1 of the year the work is performed. The annual reports list the appropriate wages and fringe benefits by trade category. Reports are available in this section to determine the correct wages and benefits required on a contract.

Residents First

Contractor and subcontractors on County construction contracts valued in excess of $1 million shall make their best reasonable efforts to have 51 percent of all construction labor hours performed by Miami-Dade County residents and require all persons employed on the project to perform construction to have completed the OSHA 10-hour safety training.

Employ Miami-Dade

Contractor and subcontractors on County construction contracts valued in excess of $1 million shall make their best reasonable efforts to fill at least 20 percent of the labor workforce required on these contracts from the Employ Miami-Dade register through CareerSource South Florida.