Community Workforce Program

The Community Workforce Program (CWP) is designed to provide job opportunities to local residents of traditionally underserved and underdeveloped neighborhoods.

To achieve the objective of the program, all capital construction projects and work orders are subject to the inclusion of a workforce goal. This goal is established by the County and is a percentage of labor force that a County-awarded contractor or subcontractor must hire from within the Designated Target Area (DTA) in which the construction project or work order is located in accordance with the governing Section of the Miami-Dade County Code 2-1701.

Not less than 10 percent of the labor force must come from the DTA in which the public improvement is located. DTA are any geographic area of Miami-Dade County designated as an Empowerment or Enterprise Zone, a Targeted Urban Area, Community Development Block Grant, Eligible Block Group or Focus Area.

Contractors may utilize persons from nearby DTAs to meet the workforce goal only after they have proven, with supporting documentation, that labor was not available from the respective DTA or did not have the required skills needed the meet the job requirements. Contractors may be given relief or release from a Workforce Goal in whole or in part, contingent upon the submittal of adequate justification in accordance with the governing legislation.

If your contract with Miami-Dade County has a CWP goal, you must submit a Community Workforce Program Workforce Plan. For more information, call Catherine Forte at 305-375-3598.

Successful bidders on County construction projects are required to post job opportunities through the County's Job Clearinghouse.

The CWP was established and approved by the Board of County Commissioners on Jan. 23, 2003 and went into effect May 5, 2003.

Workforce Development Organizations and Workforce Recruitment Organizations

A Workforce Development Organization (WDO) is an organization providing construction trades skills training or providing skills training that are recognized and accepted by all federation members of the respective trade, who are instrumental in its design and provides certification after participation or apprenticeship training or any construction related training. The firm must be registered with Miami-Dade County.

A Workforce Recruitment Organization (WRO) is an organization providing qualified construction employment recruitment services and employability skills training, including application process, interviewing, and appropriate attire. The organization must be registered with Miami-Dade County.

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