Residents First

In accordance with Ordinance 14-26, contractors and subcontractors on County construction contracts valued in excess of $1 million shall make their best reasonable efforts to have 51 percent of all construction labor hours performed by Miami-Dade County residents and require all persons employed on the project to perform construction to have completed the OSHA 10-hour safety training.

  • Bidders for applicable contracts must submit Form RFTE 1 with bid documents. Subcontractors must submit after award
  • Successful prime contractors and subcontractors must submit Form RFTE 2 within 10 business days of award notification and prior to issuance of a Notice to Proceed
  • Prime contractors and subcontractors must include completed Form RFTE 3 attached to each payrolls submittal
  • Prime contractor must submit Form RFTE 4 within 30 days of completion of contract

Questions regarding these or other related requirements should be directed to Small Business Development via telephone at 305-375-3111 or via email at [email protected].