Continuing Education Courses

Miami-Dade County is responsible for the training of Board of Rules and Appeals (BORA) certified personnel, and provides a continuing education effort each year. The educational effort consists of formalized classes that are designed solely for BORA-certified building officials, plans examiners and inspectors, and are presented in sessions that are conducted during at least three different weeks of the year, allowing scheduling flexibility for building departments.

The variety of training opportunities allows BORA-certified personnel the ability to obtain the necessary 16 hours of continuing education needed for biennial recertification (ending in each even-numbered year) in compliance with the requirements of Chapter 8 Article II of the Code of Miami-Dade County. Additionally, many of the classes are approved as continuing education by the State of Florida Building Code Administrators and Inspectors Board and the Construction Industry Licensing Board and may be used to satisfy continuing education requirements.

Courses are held at Miami Dade College's Kendall Campus.

Individuals who wish to attend these courses but are not certified by the Board of Rules and Appeals as building officials, plans examiners and inspectors should not use the below registration forms.