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The public is invited to comment on the proposed updates to the County Water Control Map and County Flood Criteria Map, through Jan 31

The Office of Film and Entertainment, in close collaboration with Parks, Recreation and Open Spaces launched the Miami-Dade County Parks virtual tour.

Miami-Dade County continues to work on enhancing the Climate Action Strategy, a communitywide plan to cut greenhouse gas emissions, create jobs, improve health and make life better.

In April 2021, a fertilizer ordinance was passed, which applied to fertilizer applicators and anyone who performs landscape management. The ordinance has specific rules for when, how much and where you can fertilize, how grass clippings and vegetative matter are to be handled, and what training is required for your business.

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About Us

To enable sustainable economic growth through smart regulatory strategies and business expansion efforts.

Our responsibilities include:

  • Enforcement of building codes and zoning regulations. Issuing of contractor licenses and approvals of construction materials and products. Protection of environmental and historic resources.
  • Review of land development and construction permit applications for compliance with applicable building, zoning, environmental and public works codes, and with the County's Comprehensive Development Master Plan.
  • Promotion of fair competition through consumer protection efforts (licensing, enforcement and mediation), and consumer education efforts focused on youth and families.
  • Development and implementation of economic development strategies for the County overall as well as sector-specific initiatives in the agricultural, entertainment and trade industries.
  • Economic research, land use planning and resilience initiatives to enable sound economic development and policies.