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Consumer Protection

Two people working in a coffee shop.

If you worked in Miami-Dade County and were not paid, you can receive assistance in making your claim.

Wage Theft Program

Miami-Dade County conducts free sessions on how to file small claims.

Video Presentation on How to file Small Claims
a taxi sign atop a vehicle

Submit a complaint over services provided by for-hire transportation companies or taxicabs.

Transportation Complaints
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Filing a declaration of domestic partnership allows for visitation rights at health care, correctional and juvenile facilities among registered couples.

Domestic Partnerships

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People shopping in a mall
Helpful shopping safety tips to keep you protected

Stay alert while you are out shopping. Here are some safety tips to keep you and your belongings from harm.

Don't abbreviate the year 2020
Fraud Alert: Do not abbreviate 2020

The National Association of Consumer Advocates urges people to write out “2020” as opposed to the abbreviation. Otherwise, it is easy for scammers to manipulate forms, checks and legal documents.

Fight Fraud

Report Fraud

Learn about ways to report types of fraud to county and federal agencies.

Reporting Fraud
Online Shopping Tips

As we purchase more items online, read about many ways to ensure a safe transaction.

Shopping online
Mortgage Fraud

Learn who to contact if you think you've been the victim of foreclosure fraud.

Mortgage Fraud
Don't Become a Victim

Get tips on who to trust and what to watch out for when making transactions.

Be Fraud Free

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To enable sustainable economic growth through smart regulatory strategies and business expansion efforts.

Our responsibilities include:

  • Enforcement of building codes and zoning regulations. Issuing of contractor licenses and approvals of construction materials and products. Protection of environmental and historic resources.
  • Review of land development and construction permit applications for compliance with applicable building, zoning, environmental and public works codes, and with the County's Comprehensive Development Master Plan.
  • Promotion of fair competition through consumer protection efforts (licensing, enforcement and mediation), and consumer education efforts focused on youth and families.
  • Development and implementation of economic development strategies for the County overall as well as sector-specific initiatives in the agricultural, entertainment and trade industries.
  • Economic research, land use planning and resilience initiatives to enable sound economic development and policies.