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Hurricane Irma

As we continue our recovery and cleanup efforts, please visit the Emergency website for the latest information on openings and closings in Miami-Dade County.

New Construction and Permitting Procedures

Submit new permit applications and plans or corrections to existing permit applications (Rework)

Use the Plans Tracking, New Application and Rework Submission application to submit:

  • New permit applications for building, roofing, electrical, mechanical, fire alarms, access control, fire sprinklers or plumbing work that require the submittal of plans (initial submittals)
  • Applications and plans for Zoning Improvement Permits (ZIPs)
  • Applications to revise an existing permit, including plan revisions and shop drawings. Some revisions require a submittal of the original plans along with revised pages
  • Any corrections to existing permit applications and plans described above (reworks)
  • For residential roofing permits, storm panels or accordion shutters, use the e-permitting system. Plans will also be accepted through Plans Tracking application
  • For subsidiary permits that do not require plan review, use e-permitting or the submission portal
  • Application for Change of Contractors or Permit Extensions.
  • Municipal permit applications and plans should be submitted through the above link except for applications from cities already using the e-municipal system
  • E-municipal system cities include Miami Gardens, Cutler Bay, Miami, North Miami Beach, Doral, Miami Lakes and Homestead. Applications from these cities must come directly to the County from the cities’ existing electronic transfer protocols. For all other municipal plans, scan the official office set including the back page with stamps and signature, as well as the city’s permit application including the city’s building application process number:
  1. Name documents according to online submission guidelines.
  2. Include the Miami-Dade County Municipal Application and contact sheet.
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Plan Review Services Appointments Meetings and List

Plan Review service will be provided as follows:

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Cashier Services and Permit Issuance

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Inspection Services

Certificate of Use inspections may continue through these temporary procedures. Certificate of Use inspections will be conducted virtually.

Virtual inspections are conducted by using a video call on a smart phone or tablet to interact with the RER inspector. When entering your inspection request, you must enter a contact name and telephone number. Your assigned inspector will be contacting you with specific instructions about the inspection. In preparation for your virtual inspection, please follow the instructions to download the required Microsoft Teams app for your Apple or Android device.

On-site inspections will be available for all building code inspections and flood inspections of new construction that require a Certificate of Occupancy or Certificate of Completion. The Department will continue to do on-site inspections on final building code inspections for alterations, repairs and residential additions 1,000 square feet or larger.

Virtual inspections and qualified professional inspection procedures remain available as listed in the emergency order.

The procedures for an on-site inspection are as follows:

  • The permit holder must schedule inspections either online or by calling 786-315-2100.
  • When scheduling the inspection, the permit holder must provide a contact name and phone number in the comment line. The inspector will call 30 minutes prior to the inspection to allow the contractor to relocate all personnel from the inspection area.
  • When the inspector arrives on-site, one contact person who is assigned to walk with the inspector can approach the vehicle. If more than nine workers are present within the inspection area, the inspector will cancel the inspection.
  • The contractor needs to maintain a safe and healthy job site environment and follow the CDC’s best practices regarding social distancing.
  • The inspector will perform the inspection and inspection results can also be found through the route and results portal.
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Other permit-related services

  • To make an appointment to drop off a Flood Elevation Certificate or to receive a pending DERM stamp, email [email protected]. Complete the contact sheet and attach the Flood Elevation Certificate. The Elevation Certificate will be processed within 24-48 hours.
  • Permits active as of Feb. 24, 2020 have been automatically extended an additional six months tolling period under the authority of State of Florida Emergency Order 20-52. For all other permits that do not fall within this time frame, continue to follow standard procedures and submit requests to [email protected]
  • Process numbers that expired on Feb. 21, 2020 or later, or that are currently active, will be extended for an additional 90 days
  • Submit Certificates of Use applications to [email protected] for unincorporated Miami-Dade applications. For municipal applications, apply online via the submission portal. Refer to the user guide for step-by-step information, including the required application form. See complete instructions for Certificates of Use
  • Obtain microfilm services, such as plans for existing buildings, through online services. For plans not available online, call 786-315-2340 or email [email protected]
  • The Small Business and Homeowner's Assistance Team is open to provide homeowners and small businesses help navigating the permitting process. For an appointment to meet with a representative, call 786-315-2388 or email [email protected]
  • Permit cancellation requests can be submitted to [email protected]
  • For Board and Code Administration for general inquiries, email [email protected] or [email protected]
  • For Contractor Licensing assistance or inquiries, call 786-315-2880 or email [email protected] and [email protected]
  • Product Control applications for Notices of Acceptance (NOA) can be submitted electronically. Applicants can email the completed Product Contol Application to [email protected]
    • Applications can also be mailed to the Permitting and Inspection Center, 11805 SW 26 Street, Miami, FL 33175. Please reference the file number
    • Upon receipt, staff will review the application and communicate with the applicant regarding fee payment and as the application progresses. Once the review is complete, the applicant will receive the NOA via email
  • For Water and Sewer New Business, call 786-315-2717
  • For Department of Health assistance (new septic systems, repairs, modifications, well permits, inspections, and general information), call 786-654-6620 or email [email protected].
  • For Public Works Permits, call 786-315-2708
  • For Fire Engineering Bureau, call 786-315-2470
  • To schedule an Owner Builder Quiz for a process number, send an email to [email protected]
  • For Process Number Extensions, submit your request letter as an attachment to [email protected] requesting the extension and the reason it had expired. The letter must be signed by either the property owner, design professional or contractor on record.
  • To request a permit extension, complete a building permit application signed by the permit holder and submit via the submission portal
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Code Compliance

Residents may contact the Code Compliance Division to report complaints or inquire on the status of existing enforcement cases. The Code Compliance Division continues to document complaints reported and update cases as necessary. Code Compliance Division staff is meeting with customers over the phone or virtually, and in person at the Permitting and Inspections Center by appointment only. Appointments can be made through the queue system. Customers can contact staff at the following phone numbers and email addresses:

For Code Compliance, customers can email inquiries to:

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Division of Environmental Resources Management (DERM)

DERM is open for business but strongly urges customers to avoid visiting their offices. To provide for continuity of our services, the following procedures have been established for the submittal of email correspondence for inquiries, submittal of permit applications and submittal of other documents for DERM review directly to the respective program areas.

Upon receipt of electronic files, a staff member will be assigned and will get back to you via email as soon as possible. In addition, telephone numbers for each program area are provided where customers can leave messages and staff will contact you.

For general information, call 305-372-6789 or email [email protected].

These are the service adjustments currently in effect:

Air Quality Management Division

Submittals associated with asbestos reviews, notifications and/or permitting will be handled via email. Send asbestos notifications and inquiries to [email protected].

Submittals associated with permitting of air facilities (state or local) will be handled via email. Send permitting correspondence and inquiries to [email protected].

Voice messages for the program can be left at 305-372-6925.

Code Coordination and Public Hearings (CCPH)

Submittals associated with municipal zoning application reviews, requests for Letters of Interpretation and applications for Environmental Quality Control Board can be submitted through the DERM Online Portal.

Voice messages for the program can be left at 305-372-6764.

Code Enforcement

Call 305-372-6902.

Environmental Complaints

Call 305-372-6955, 24 hours a day, or email [email protected].

Environmental Permitting Activities

Email [email protected].

Environmental Monitoring and Restoration Division (EMRD)

Reviews associated with the following services can be submitted to [email protected]:

  • Brownfield Delegation
  • Solid Waste Facilities
  • Storage Tank Closure Assessment Reports
  • Notice of Required Testing Reports
  • Environmental Site Assessment
  • Ambient and Wellfield Groundwater Monitoring
  • Contaminated Sites
  • Soil and Groundwater Sampling
  • Petroleum Delegation (Financial and Technical)
  • Florida Department of Environmental Protection’s (FDEP’s) Petroleum Restoration Program - Assessment of Petroleum Program-Eligible Cases
  • Remediation Action Plans
  • Construction and Dewatering at Contaminated/Solid Waste Sites
  • EPA Superfund Sites
  • Beneficial Reuse
  • Background Studies
  • Product Approval
  • Hazardous Material Determination
  • Environmental Risk Assessments
  • Sampling Notifications

Voice messages for the program can be left at 305-372-6700.

Environmental Plan Review

Call 305-372-6899 (OTV) or 305-492-2004 (Hialeah).

Inspections and Complaints (Stormwater & Beaches)

Call 305-372-6529.

Natural Resources Division

Reviews associated with the following Coastal Resources services can be submitted via the DERM Online Portal:

  • Class I Permit – coastal construction docks, seawalls, mangrove trimming
  • Expedited Administrative Authorization
  • Biological Assessment
  • Coastal Wetlands Jurisdictional Determination
  • Binding Letters

Voice messages for the program can be left at 305-372-6575 and inquiries can be sent to [email protected].

Submittals associated with the permitting of trees and natural forest communities can be submitted via the DERM Online Portal.

Please send all tree permit applications inquiries to [email protected]. Voice messages for the program can be left at 305-372-6731.

Reviews associated with the following Water Control Section services can be submitted via the DERM Online Portal:

  • Class II Permit – Drainage outfalls
  • Class III Permit – Work in county canal right-of-way
  • Class V Permit – Dewatering activities
  • Class VI Permit – Drainage permit in contaminated sites
  • Cut and Fill review
  • Drainage Wells review
  • Surface Water Management General Permit (ERP)

Voice messages for the program can be left at 305-372-6681 and inquiries can be sent to [email protected].

Reviews associated with the following Wetlands Resources services shall be submitted via the DERM Online Portal:

  • Class IV Permit – work in wetlands
  • Expedited Administrative Authorization
  • Biological Assessment
  • Wetlands Jurisdictional Determination
  • Binding Letters

Voice messages for the program can be left at 305-372-6585 and inquiries can be sent to [email protected].

Pollution Regulation Division

Permit submittals associated with the following Environmental Permitting services can be submitted to [email protected]:

  • Industrial Waste / Industrial Waste Pretreatment
  • Solid Waste

Voice messages for the program can be left at 305-372-6600 (Option 1).

Storage Tank Construction Inspections can be scheduled as usual at 305-372-6521. Any inquiries regarding the requesting of construction inspections can be sent to [email protected].

Stormwater Utility Operations

Call 305-372-6688.

Water and Wastewater Division

  • Sewer Extension Permit (WASD is utility serving project): Use existing eBuilder program/protocol.
  • Sewer Extension Permit (Municipal Utility serving project): An FTP site has been set up for the uploading of files so that the application can be processed by staff. Prior to submitting the application package, email [email protected] in order to be assigned a link to the specific work directory that will be assigned for the project.

Submittals and inquiries associated with the following permitting programs will be made to the listed email:

FOG Construction Inspections can be scheduled as usual at [email protected].

Voice messages for the program can be left at 305-372-6920.


Payments of DERM Fees can be made to the Cashiering Section at 305-372-6755.

Stormwater Utility Payments can be made at 305-372-6688.

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Fire Rescue: Fire Engineering (Plans Review)

  • In-person services at the Permitting and Inspection Center, 11805 SW 26th Street, Miami, FL 33175, continue to be suspended.
  • Plans submittal shall be in accordance with the Miami-Dade Regulatory and Economic Resources instructions.
  • Personal meetings are not available. All plan review meetings will be conducted via Microsoft Teams. Read more details.
  • After-hours plans review (Special Request Plans Review) is available via the electronic portal by submitting the SRP form with the application.
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Fire Rescue: New Construction

  • No in-person services are currently available. Fire inspection requests can be entered online.
  • Inspectors will maintain social distance protocols during inspections; some inspections may be conducted virtually.
  • Masks must be worn during all in-person interactions.
  • Temporary Certificate of Occupancy processing requires an appointment which can be scheduled by calling 786-315-2771.
  • Personal meetings are not available. Email inquiries or teleconferences are possible.
  • After-hours inspections for eligible occupancies continue to be available
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Fire Rescue: Existing Construction

  • Routine inspections for Annual Operating Permit renewals are being conducted while maintaining social distancing protocols. Where such protocols cannot be maintained, the inspection will be deferred to a future date.
  • Inspections for critical complaints will be conducted.
  • Requests for inspections and life safety complaints can be requested online.
  • Emergency Action Plans should be submitted electronically whenever possible.
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Public Works Permit Information

Public Works is maintaining operations at this time.

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Water and Sewer Permit Information

  • The department is maintaining all development services to the public at this time. All customers requiring assistance from New Business can submit agreements, letters of availability, paper plans, conveyance documents, floating meters, job orders and other services needs in person via drop-off at the office located at 3575 South LeJeune Road, Miami.
  • Plan Review staff is continuing their work as normal, with typical walk-in meetings now being held online.
  • Inspections and construction services are functioning as normal via E-Builder. Contractors can request pre-construction meetings, testing, final inspections and submittal of as-builts electronically through E-Builder.
  • To request a meeting regarding plan reviews or points of connection, email Jacqueline Mena at [email protected]or call 786-268-5262. For meetings on as-builts, inspections, plats, etc., email Peter Oliva at [email protected].
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