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Digitally Signing and Sealing Documents

Plans, specifications, plats, reports, or other documents submitted in electronic format for review must be signed and sealed electronically.

Scanned copies of signed and sealed documents are not an accepted electronic submittal method.

There are many different accepted methods for digitally signing and sealing a plan using commonly accepted public / private key technology provided by various vendors. It is important that any method that is utilized be accompanied by a signed and sealed statement from the professional that the method and software that have been utilized to sign and seal the plans complies with the intent of the Board Rules.

Plans examiners cannot approve your plans without the appropriate Electronic Signature and Seal.

All licensed professionals will be responsible for verifying that the digital signatures purchased adhere to the requirements of the State of Florida and are utilized in accordance with the guidelines of their respective licensing boards.  See Florida Statutes Chapters 471 and 481 and Florida Administrative Rules 61G15-23 and 61G1-16