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The Office of Historic Preservation is conducting a Heritage Resource Survey of the Goulds community. 
We want you to share the stories of the historic buildings, sites, landmarks, and people that are important to you and the Goulds community. These could be places that still exist or are no longer here. 

In follow-up to the 2022-23 Heritage Resource Survey, Miami-Dade County is launching a focused historic resource survey of the Goulds community. This survey hopes to expand documentation of historic structures and sites in Goulds to support preservation and ongoing recognition of the places important to the community.

We want you to share the stories of the buildings, sites, and landmarks that are important to you that best share the story of the Goulds community; these could be sites that still exist or are no longer here.
Share Your Story
Examples include:
  • Houses
  • Churches
  • Cemeteries
  • Stores
  • Community centers
  • Parks
  • Playgrounds
  • Schools
  • Restaurants
We welcome learning about all types of places important to your community. We would love to hear from:
  • Native American and Indigenous heritage
  • Latinx and Hispanic heritage
  • African American and Black heritage
  • Women’s heritage
  • LGTBQ+ heritage
  • Asian American heritage
  • Religious minorities

Share your story with us.

Goulds Heritage Survey

Share Your Story