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Prepare Your Business

  • Back up critical computer data and store it off premises
  • Make a complete inventory of your business and take plenty of picture
  • Make sure employee emergency contact information is up to date, and that you have an employee communication plan in place, which includes a designated out of town phone number where employees can check in and receive company information.
  • Create procedures for hurricanes so employees will know what to do and post them in advance
  • Protect electronic equipment from possible water damage
  • Have extra cash and blank checks in case extra money is needed after the storm
  • Establish a temporary location for business operations in case your facility is damaged
  • Identify a safe room for employees who must remain in the buildin
  • Give employees enough time to secure their homes and families.
  • Secure the building and items that cannot be brought inside

Construction Sites

In the event of a tropical storm warning or hurricane watch, licensed contractors are obligated to secure their work sites. Potentially hazardous objects must be fastened down or removed.