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Namita Uppal - Director

In October 2022, Namita Uppal was appointed Director of the Strategic Procurement Department (SPD). In this role, Namita is responsible for implementing strategic sourcing strategies that maximize competition and optimize costs. Namita is a certified procurement professional with over two decades of planning, sourcing, negotiations, and supplier risk management experience resulting in reduced costs and increased efficiencies. She is an experienced leader of small and local business development programs and social equity policies. She has extensive experience working with key stakeholders at the State and Federal levels to develop intergovernmental relationships, implement shared visions, build trust, and improve accountability. Namita is conversant in implementing enterprise-wide technology solutions resulting in streamlined workflows, standardization, automation, intelligent reporting, and enhanced efficiencies.
She was appointed as the County's Chief Procurement Officer (CPO) and an Assistant Director of the Internal Services Department (ISD) in 2017, and as Deputy Director of ISD in April 2022. As the CPO, she oversaw centralized procurement team and under her leadership, the procurement division received multiple awards from National Procurement Institute, Inc., National Institute of Governmental Purchasing, and Florida Association of Public Procurement Officers. Namita is a recipient of Above & Beyond Award from National Cooperative Procurement Partners for 2022. 

Before joining Miami-Dade, Namita served as the Broward County's Chief Negotiator for over three years. Her prior experience includes various procurement positions within Miami-Dade County, University of South Florida, and Sunrise Community, a non-profit organization. 

Namita and her team are committed to delivering value and ensuring the County procurement processes are Equitable to suppliers, sustainable for our Environment, and beneficial to our Economy. Our team takes pride in collaborating with customers and Engaging our community with integrity, fairness, innovation, competition, efficiency and transparency.

Namita Uppal

Director Namita Uppal