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Youth Commission

The Youth Commission was established for one sole purpose: to let your voice be heard. Be active, get involved and participate in the process of County government.

The responsibilities include:

  • To foster increased youth involvement in County government.
  • To study the problems and hold forums on issues, activities and concerns of youth.
  • To comment on existing or proposed legislation, ordinances, resolutions and policies.
  • To present methods to resolve youth-related conflicts between youth and adults.
  • To recommend the implementation of community programs to improve the lives of youth.
  • To work with other youth organizations in the County to collaborate on shared issues and interests.
  • To submit to the Mayor and Board of County Commissioners an annual report.
  • To participate in workshops.
  • To meet with the official who appointed the Youth Commission member on a quarterly basis, or at the discretion of the appointing official.

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