How to be Heard on an Issue

Meetings of the Board of County Commissioners (Board) are open to the public and held in person. The public may address the Board on items that are subject to reasonable opportunity for the public to be heard, public hearing items, or as part of a scheduled citizen’s presentation.

Reasonable Opportunity to be Heard

A person may register to speak on items listed on the official agenda that are subject to reasonable opportunity for the public to be heard. An item is subject to reasonable opportunity to be heard if it has not been subject to reasonable opportunity in a previous meeting or has been heard at a previous public hearing. To participate in reasonable opportunity to be heard, a person must register with staff prior to the advertised start time of the meeting.

Public Hearings

A person may register to speak on any matter appearing on the official agenda under the “Public Hearing” section. You must register with staff at least 15 minutes prior to the start of the discussion on the public hearing item.

Citizen's Presentations

A citizen or group may be placed on an official agenda at the request of a County Commissioner. If you or your group wish to bring an issue before the Board, you may request to be placed on an agenda as a citizen's presentation by contacting your County Commissioner.

Please include the subject of the presentation, the name of the presenter, a return address and a contact telephone number.

Speaker's Registration

To be heard on items at a meeting of the Board, speakers must be present at the meeting and register with staff. Staff will be located at the registration table in the lobby of the Stephen P. Clark Center, 111 NW 1st Street prior to the start of the meeting. Residents and groups that want to be heard on an official agenda item of a regular meeting of the Board of County Commissioners (Board) may do so by following these steps:
  • Arrive before the start of the meeting with a valid photo ID.
  • You will be asked to complete a digital form:
    • Provide your name
    • Address
    • Indicate which item you are speaking
    • Identify public hearing or reasonable opportunity
    • Indicate whether you are in favor, against or providing information
Once you are escorted to the Commission Chamber, please wait for your name to be called before approaching the microphone. Once you are ready to speak, please provide your name and address before making your presentation.