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Office of Agenda Coordination (OAC)

The Office of Agenda Coordination (OAC) was created to coordinate the legislative process for Miami-Dade County. If you need an agenda item in accessible format please contact the Miami-Dade Agenda Coordinator's Office at 305-375-2035 or [email protected].

Services Provided

The major services provided by OAC are:

  • Develop and distribute the Board of County Commissioners (BCC) and BCC Committee agendas
  • Administer Legistar (the Database that tracks legislature matters)
  • Staff BCC and Committee meetings
  • Train departments on how to develop agenda items
  • Provide technical assistance to departments in the preparation of agenda items
  • Review agenda items


The mission of the OAC is to effectively and efficiently coordinate the overall legislative process for Miami-Dade County and ensure that the legislative process adheres to established County Commission rules.

How to be heard on an Issue

Residents and groups that want to be heard on an official agenda item of a regular meeting of the Board of County Commissioners (Board) may do so. Find out how.