Contact Miami-Dade Economic Advocacy Trust

Miami-Dade County
Economic Advocacy Trust
Stephen P. Clark Center
111 NW 1st Street, Suite 2032
Miami, Florida 33128
Phone: 305-375-5561
Fax: 305-375-5651
[email protected]

  • Administrative Staff
    • John Dixion, Jr. Executive Director
      Phone: 305-375-5661
    • Clevell Brown-Jennings, Departmental Administrative Coordinator
      Phone: 305-375-5628
    • Traci Pollock, MBA, MPA, Special Projects Administrator II (Operator)
      Phone: 305-375-5616 (Downtown)
      Phone: 305-622-2592 (Teen Court North)
    • Traci Pollock Public Records Custodian
      Miami-Dade Economic Advocacy Trust
      111 NW 1st Street, Suite 2032
      Miami, FL 33128
      [email protected]
      Phone: 305-375-5661

      Miami-Dade County now has a new public records management tool that allows you to request and track its status online. Create a new account or log in to submit and see updates to your public records requests.
  • Homeownership Assistance Program (HAP)
    • Stephen P. Clark Center (Downtown)
      [email protected]
    • Atwood, Mara, Clerk 4
      Phone: 305-375-2272
    • HAP Outreach and Training Specialist
      Phone: 305-375-4278
    • Johnson, Eric, MDEAT HAP Coordinator/Underwriter
      Phone: 305-375-4663
    • Lewis, Tykema, Office Support Specialist II
      Phone: 305-375-4278
    • Singh, Vevene, Clerk 4
      Phone: 305-375-4273
  • Teen Court
    Downtown Office:

    • Stephen P. Clark Center (Downtown)
      [email protected]
    • Acosta, Araceli, Office Support Specialist II, Lead Worker
      Phone: 305-375-5601 (Monday)
    • La Tonda, James, Teen/Student Court Specialist
      Phone: 305-375-5653
    • Robertson, Dr. Ischaji, Clinical Psychologist 1
      Phone: 305-375-5617
    • Vacant Teen Court Training Specialist
    • Vacant, Juvenile Services Specialist
      (Tuesdays and Fridays)

      North Office:

      Miami Gardens Community Resource Center
      16405 NW 25th Avenue, Room 107
      Miami Gardens, FL 33054
      Phone: 305-375-2592
    • Acosta, Araceli, Office Support Specialist II, Lead Worker
      Phone: 786-801-6463 (Tuesday-Friday)
    • Aspajo, Juan, Juvenile Services Specialist
      Phone: 786-801-6481
    • Sieger, Shirley, Juvenile Services Specialist
      Phone: 786-801-6480 (Tuesday and Friday)