The Commission on Human Rights (CHR) director's determination will become final after 15 days (20 days for fair housing cases), unless either party appeals or pursues the matter in a court of appropriate jurisdiction.

The CHR conducts appeal hearings as often as necessary to decide pending appeals. Appeals can be heard either by a Hearing Panel or a Hearing Officer. The appellant must make this determination prior to receiving the notice of the date of the appeal hearing. If a selection is not made, the appeal will automatically be heard by a hearing panel, which consists of at least three members of the CHR Board.

At the appeal hearing, the parties can compel attendance of witnesses and the production of documents. After all testimony and evidence has been presented, the Hearing Panel will make a recommendation to uphold, modify, or reverse the Director's determination. The CHR will then issue a final order, which may be appealed in Circuit Court.

If the director or the CHR Board finds cause to believe that discrimination has taken place, they will make such necessary recommendations to put the aggrieved party in the same position as they would have been, absent the discrimination. These recommendations may include, but are not limited to, quantifiable damages, such as back pay, reinstatement and reasonable attorney's fees.