The Human Rights & Fair Employment Practices (HRFEP) Division works with all County departments, local, state, and federal civil rights enforcement agencies and various community groups in order to educate employees, residents and to prevent all forms of discrimination and harassment throughout Miami-Dade County.

In addition, the Fair Employment Practices section offers various training courses to ensure all County employees are able to enjoy an equitable, diverse, safe and inclusive workplace.

Online Mandatory Employee Training

Diversity Matters E-learning

This mandatory training is designed to increase awareness and sensitivity to diversity issues and provide information on employee rights, responsibilities, appropriate workplace behavior, and complaint reporting procedures. The training covers topics in equal employment opportunity, harassment prevention, valuing diversity, and preventing workplace violence.

Instructor-Led Training

Workplace Civility and Respect (CAR)

This course helps participants learn how to identify, prevent and respond to any disrespectful workplace behaviors, including workplace incivility—those seemingly insignificant behaviors that are rude, discourteous, or disrespectful, have a negative effect on the work environment, and can ultimately lead to claims of unlawful discrimination or harassment.

Preventing Sexual Harassment (PSH)

Through real life examples, interactive exercises and case studies, participants will learn how to recognize and prevent sexually harassing conduct in the workplace by understanding the applicable laws and County policies related to sexual harassment, complaint reporting procedures, and consequences of misconduct.

Specialized Instructor-Led Training

In addition to the mandatory and ancillary employee training courses listed above, departments may request specialized instructor-led training. The HRFEP Training Team will work with the department to develop and deliver a training program based on the unique needs of the work environment.