Isabella Tozzi

Isabella Tinucci Tozzi, the Director of Program Innovation and Evaluation at Achieve Miami, is a passionate advocate for education and community building. Her career journey began by introducing a project-based curriculum at Lenora B. Smith Elementary School, setting the stage for her innovative approach to education. During the pandemic, she leveraged technology to enhance student learning and played a pivotal role in developing Achieve Miami's information technologies and program evaluation. 

Isabella's significant involvement includes collaborating representing Achieve Miami with The Miami Foundation on the Miami Connected initiative. Her capstone project and professional growth over the past two years have been transformative, deepening her understanding of community building and grant processes. Her creation of an open resource toolkit for participatory grant processes exemplified her commitment to empowering communities and promoting equity. 

On a personal level, this journey has sparked self-reflection and growth, making her acutely aware of systemic barriers and the need for equitable opportunities. Professionally, she has sharpened her project management, research, and collaboration skills, driven by her interactions with diverse stakeholders and field experts. Looking forward, Isabella is dedicated to advancing equity, inclusivity, and positive change in her field, with a commitment to making a lasting impact on individuals and communities.

Director of Program Innovation and Evaluation, Achieve Miami.