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With Executive Order 20-244 issued by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis regarding statewide business opening rules, and the Miami-Dade County Mayor's Emergency Order 30-20 signed on Saturday, Sept. 26, new guidelines have been set for businesses.

At minimum, all businesses should ensure masks are worn by employees and the public at all times, and that work areas and showrooms are set up to promote physical distancing of at least six feet. 

Hotels, commercial lodging accommodations and short-term vacation rentals are allowed to open and operate.

Emergency Orders

Emergency Order 30-20
Sept. 26
Effective immediately, and in conformance with the Governor of Florida’s Executive Order Number 20-244, this order rescinds County Emergency Orders 01-20; 16-20, as amended; and 28-20, as amended; and authorizes every retail and commercial establishment and any other establishment or facility in the County to open provided that each such establishment complies with specific capacity, social distancing and other requirements, including the applicable activity-specific requirements in the “Moving To A New Normal Handbook,” attached as Exhibit A, as amended; the facial covering requirements in Emergency Order 20-20, as amended; and the entry of County or municipal personnel onto the establishment’s property for the sole purpose of inspection for compliance with this order. Specific to restaurants and other food service establishments, this order permits a minimum occupancy of 50 percent, without limitation, and states that these establishments shall be allowed to operate at up to 100 percent capacity if the restaurant: (1) ensures six feet of distance between tables; (2) ensures that no more than six persons (or ten persons if in the same household) sit at a table; and (3) ensures that persons not actively eating or drinking are wearing masks.