Hobby Breeder License

Hobby breeder licenses are issued by the Animal Services Department. A hobby breeder is a person or entity that is an active member of a national, state, or local breeder organization that houses or breeds dogs or cats in or on the property of a private residence for the purpose of: "Improving the breed; exhibiting dogs or cats at shows operated by a national, state, or local breeder organization; or raising service animals or animals used for law enforcement or other types of work.

A hobby breeder may sell two litters of puppies or kittens per year per household, as long as the total number of dogs kept on the premises does not constitute a kennel as defined in this section. A hobby breeder that sells more than two litters per year per household shall be deemed to be a pet dealer." If the applicant does not meet the criteria for a hobby breeder as outlined in the ordinance, the applicant will not be granted a license to sell puppies.

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