Water Remetering Licenses

Water remetering is the process used in multi-unit buildings to resell water service purchased from the Water and Sewer Department (WASD) through the use of a submeter.  Water remetering was originally advanced as a water conservation measure, in addition to serving as a consumer protection measure by providing parameters under which individualized billing for water consumption by building owners can occur in multi-unit buildings.  

Multi-unit structures serviced by WASD receive water that is recorded through a master meter for each structure.  Individual units in the structures are not metered.  The property owner receives one bill for the total amount of water consumed based on the amount of water delivered through the master meter for a given period.  

To determine the amount of water consumed by each individual unit in multi-unit structures, it is necessary to install a submeter at the plumbing entry point of each individual unit.  This allows the multi-unit property owners to resell water services purchased from WASD based on individual unit consumption. Remetering under the ordinance is defined as the resale of water service by use of a submeter by an owner at a rate or charge which does not exceed the owner’s actual purchase price.  

Multiple unit property owners that remeter water services for their residents/tenants must register with the Miami-Dade County Consumer Protection Division. 

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