Request Tree Trimming

Broken or hanging tree branches in public areas, as well as trees blocking the illumination of a street light, a traffic sign, road or sidewalk can be reported. County staff will conduct an initial inspection within seven days or sooner if it is an emergency. Non-emergency reports may take up to 30 business days to complete.

  • A property owner may elect to trim a tree located on public property if it's not a hazard.
  • If a tree is touching electrical and utility wires, call Florida Power & Light at 800-342-5375 to have them safely cut the branches.
  • Neighbors or landscape companies cutting trees incorrectly or without a permit, or leaving behind tree debris, can also be reported.
  • Property owners are responsible for the trees planted in the right-of-way or swale areas by your property. If you have a homeowner's association, it is their responsibility.

If your neighbor's tree is in your property, you are able to legally trim the tree parts that are entering your property.

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  • Report incorrectly or illegally cut trees