File a Fair Employment Complaint

It is a violation of the law and County policy for employees or applicants to be treated differently because of their membership in a protected class.

If you feel that you have been subjected to workplace discrimination or harassment based on a protected class, please complete a Pre-Complaint Inquiry Form or or contact us via phone. Please note that all complaints must be filed within 365 days of the last alleged discriminatory action.


All complaints filed with FEP will be kept confidential to the greatest extent possible under the law.

Anonymous Complaints

We take all complaints, including anonymous complaints, of discrimination and/or harassment seriously. Miami-Dade County Employees or applicants may submit an anonymous complaint of discrimination, harassment, or retaliation by filling out an Anonymous Complaint form and submitting via fax or mail. You may also request to file a formal complaint with our office using a pseudonym, such as “Jane Doe.”

Complaint Process

All complaints will be reviewed and processed by FEP in accordance with applicable policies and procedures. In the event that the complaint does not provide sufficient information to conduct an investigation, Human Rights and Fair Employment Practices (HRFEP) will take reasonable steps to obtain additional information from the complainant.

If warranted, FEP will conduct a formal investigation of the complaint, which may involve interviews of witnesses, supervisors, other employees, and an analysis of personnel documents and other records.

If an investigation confirms the existence of a violation of law or policy, FEP will pursue prompt corrective action, including remedial relief for the victim, and appropriate disciplinary action against the offender. If no violations are found, FEP may make recommendations to improve the work environment.

Fair Employment Practices Liaisons

Fair Employment Practices Liaisons (FEPLs) serve as liaisons between HRFEP and the Department(s) in connection with discrimination, harassment, retaliation, and fair employment complaints, including in efforts to resolve complaints informally through inquiries or mediation, and, in some cases, conduct internal investigations of complaints.

Supervisors and managers who witness, receive a complaint about or otherwise become aware of unlawful discrimination, harassment or retaliation must promptly report it to HRFEP or the relevant department’s FEPL.

Phone Number(s)

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