Employee Support Services (ESS)

The Miami-Dade Employee Support Services (ESS) is a benefit designed to provide a confidential service to employees whose personal problems are affecting their ability to function on the job, at home, or in society.

Professional counselors at ESS can help you sort out the problems and choose the appropriate and workable solutions for you and your family. Read the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Brochure for more details.

Employee Support Services are available to all Miami-Dade employees and their eligible dependent family members.

ESS is designed to ensure confidentiality. Persons who enter ESS on a voluntary basis will have information released only to those individuals authorized by the employee. Only the staff of the program will have access to information on any employee who utilizes the service of ESS in accordance with Federal and State regulations governing confidential information.

The initial ESS interview is free. Community-based referrals are covered by the various health plans offered by Miami-Dade County. You may be required to pay the co-payments charged for routine Doctor Office visits.

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