Disadvantaged Business Enterprise

Disadvantaged Business Enterprise is a federal program that ensures equal opportunity in transportation contracting markets, addresses the effects of discrimination in transportation contracting, and promotes increased participation in federally funded contracts by small, socially and economically disadvantaged businesses, including enterprises owned by minorities and women.

Certification Applications

How to apply
Business Management Workforce System is a web-based software system that firms are required to utilize to apply for or renew their Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) and Airport Concessionaire Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (ACDBE) certifications.

To renew or apply for DBE and ACDBE certifications:
1. Log into Business Management Workforce System
2. Click the Apply for / Renew Certification button under the ''Certified Firms'' section
3. Select the options that are appropriate for your company
4. Answer the eligibility questions
5. Preview the document list and click the Continue button to the application
6. Click on Process to complete each section

A green arrow will indicate that the section is complete. All documents that are required will be listed on the document list of the online application.  

How to search for certified DBE and ACDBE firms
You should visit the Florida Unified Certified Program Directory website. It will provide a searchable listing of all certified DBE and ACDBE firms eligible to perform work under the federal DBE Program.

Expansion Request
Currently certified firms looking to change or expand commodity code, ownership or business address must visit the Business Management Workforce System.

Change Request
Currently certified firms looking to make simple changes like telephone numbers, email address, fax numbers, web address, etc. must visit the Business Management Workforce System.

It is strongly encouraged that you visit the Business Management Workforce System and click the Training button under the System Training section to sign up for live webinars that are offered on an ongoing basis and are free of charge.

For more information, call the Internal Services Department - Small Business Development Division at 305-375-3111 or email.

Phone Number(s)

  • Small Business Development Division

Email / Mail

Small Business Development

Gary Hartfield, Division Director

Stephen P. Clark Center
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19th Floor
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305-375-3111 | [email protected]

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