County Contracts

Each successful bidder under a County goods and services contract must notify the South Florida Workforce Investment Board (SFWIB) about each related job vacancy prior to hiring. Under the First Source Hiring Referral Program they must also make good faith efforts to fill a minimum of 50 percent of its employment needs under the County contract through the SFWIB. Quarterly employment reports must also be submitted to the SFWIB.

Municipalities, non-profits and other non-County agencies that wish to access Miami-Dade County contracts must complete a Joint Purchase and Entity Revenue Sharing Agreement. Once approved, this agreement allows non-County agencies to access Miami-Dade County contracts, benefiting from contract pricing, terms and conditions.

There are several online services that can help prospective bidders by providing details about solicitations, requests for price quotations, award recommendations and awarded contracts.

Award Recommendations
In accordance with ordinance, the County is required to post award recommendations for contracts between $25,000.01 and $250,000.00 prior to their actual award. The proposed bid award can be protested within three business days of posting the bid recommendations. Visit the Bid Protest page for information on how to file a bid protest.

Awarded County Contracts
A comprehensive, fully searchable listing of all Awarded County Contract documents. Information on pricing, awarded vendors, specifications, terms and conditions and contract utilization is available in the related contract documents.

Pre-Qualification Pool Contracts
Through the solicitation for qualifications, potential contractors, suppliers and vendors are screened (on the basis of factors such as experience, financial ability, managerial ability, work history, etc.) to develop a list/pool of qualified bidders who will then compete to render goods and/or services, through spot market quotations, on an as-needed basis, as determined by the County.

First Source Hiring Referral Program (FSHRP)
Prior to hiring to fill each vacancy arising under a County goods and services contract, the successful bidder shall

  1. Notify SFWIB
  2. Make good faith efforts to fill a minimum of 50 percent of its employment needs under the County contract through the SFWIB
  3. Provide quarterly employment reports to SFWIB

User Access Program
Approved agencies would also be eligible to share in the collection of User Access Program fees for contracts established with the inclusion of UAP language. Numerous municipalities and agencies have partnered with Miami-Dade County to utilize the advantageous terms and conditions negotiated. Access available contracts from the list of Awarded County Contracts and Eligible Contracts.