Report Stray Animals

Miami-Dade County has a law prohibiting stray dogs. If you see a dog roaming free, carefully try to determine if the animal is a stray. A well-groomed dog or friendly cat may have wandered away from its owner. If you can approach the animal safely check for an ID tag. 

The department will attempt to pick up the stray dog within 48 hours. If the dog is on any expressway, please call FHP at *347. 

If the dog is in the immediate area of a school, or within a fenced school area, call Miami-Dade School Police at 305-995-2677.

Animal Services does not respond to complaints of stray or feral cats and there is no law prohibiting stray cats. Unlike dogs, cats are not confined and can move freely among multiple homes, communities and caretakers. Feral cats are frightened of people, exhibit wild behavior and usually cannot be acclimated to indoor life as a pet and adopted.

The most effective way to control the population of un-owned neighborhood cats is through Animal Services free Trap-Neuter-Vaccinate-Return or (TNVR) program. 

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