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Let's Clean Things Up

Miami-Dade County is OUR community. It’s where we live, work and play. Let’s take pride and keep it clean.

Dispose of your trash properly so our streets, sidewalks and open spaces look their absolute best. OUR efforts will make a difference.

In support of the Keep Miami-Dade County Beautiful initiative, the Miami-Dade County Departments of Solid Waste Management and Parks, Recreation and Open Spaces, through Neat Streets Miami, are partnering with OUR community to combat and prevent littering in our neighborhoods and public spaces. 
What is litter?
Litter is typical waste such as plastic bottles, paper cups, food service containers, fast food wrappers, bags, cigarettes butts, and other trash or garbage that is improperly disposed of in public spaces.  

The negative implications of litter:
Not only is litter an eyesore that can’t be ignored, it’s also bad for the environment. Litter pollutes our roadways and neighborhood walkways, gets washed into storm drains and directly into waterways endangering our wildlife and harming our natural resources. Litter can also clog storm drains and lead to street flooding.

What’s more, litter lowers property values. What starts out as one or two pieces of trash carelessly thrown onto the ground can turn into a heaping pile of material that can make an area look dirty and in some cases even smell bad.  

Lastly, littering is against the law. If caught in the act, individuals can be fined.

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  • What can you do to help?

    Treat every public space the way you would your own home—after all, you live here, too! Locate the nearest trash or recycling receptacle (for recyclable items only) and dispose of your trash properly. Also, if you see litter, pick it up. By being clean, you set a great example for others to follow. And always have a litter bag available. Store litter bags in your car, purse or book bag. When full, empty the bag’s contents into a trash and/or recycling receptacle.

    To receive information on upcoming cleanup events and public tree plantings, complete the Let's Clean Things Up registration form and you will be added to our distribution list.

    Join a volunteer team and “Let’s Clean Things Up”
    Community groups, school clubs and other organizations are putting together volunteer teams to clean up littered areas in our community. Participants will be recognized with a certificate that commemorates you as an official member of our “Let’s Clean Things Up” team. And students will receive community service hours and feel the pride in knowing that you’re helping to keep #OurCounty clean!

    Select a Location
    Identify an area in your neighborhood that is a source of litter. Before beginning cleanup on the site, you will want to determine whether the site is public or private property.

    If the land is private property, contact the owner to make sure that the property owner is in agreement with your plan to “adopt” beautify and maintain the spot.

    If the land is public property contact the appropriate government agency to determine if there are any restriction on what can be done to the area.

    Identify the Area’s Needs  
    Determine what amount of time and effort will be needed to clean, beautify and maintain the area. Consider the following:

    • Will you need special equipment and materials?
    • If you plan to beautify the area with flowers, plants or trees, what will it cost your organization?
    • Is it possible to have cleanup and beautification materials donated by local companies?

    Secure Cleanup and Maintenance Supplies
    You’ll need materials to help volunteers clean and maintain selected area. The Department of Solid Waste Management can provide limited quantities of trash bags and gloves and help with over-size collection containers for big cleanups. Your organization may need to purchase other supplies like rakes, shovels, hoses, trash receptacles, paint, etc. Again, you may be able to contact local companies about loaning equipment or making donations.

    Recruit volunteers
    Members of your club, church/temple, neighbors, co-workers, community and school clubs, Boy/Girl Scout groups, make great volunteers for your site. Let them know what will be expected and what type of assistance you’ll need.

    Make a Commitment
    Once you’ve selected an area, it’s important that your organization make a commitment to maintain the area for a minimum period of four months. You’ll need to check it regularly to see if it stays clean and free of litter and other debris.

    Document Your Activities
    Once you selected a site, take before snap shots and keep copies of the photos for your scrap book to document your efforts. Be sure to take photos of the spot as you make improvements and once you finish the project.

    For more information or to register a new volunteer team, call 311 or email the Department of Solid Waste Management.

  • Register to Receive Information on Future Events

    Thank you for supporting the Keep Miami-Dade County Beautiful Initiative. When you partner with OUR community, you help to combat and prevent littering in our neighborhoods and public spaces.

    Complete the Let's Clean Things Up registration form to be added to our volunteer list. Once registered, you will receive information on future cleanup events held all over Miami-Dade County!


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