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Hurricane Irma

As we continue our recovery and cleanup efforts, please visit the Emergency website for the latest information on openings and closings in Miami-Dade County.

Administrative Orders / Implementing Orders

Administrative Orders (AO) establish operating methods, administrative procedures, and/or delineates organizational responsibilities for identified procedures. Administrative Orders relate to these responsibilities and are under the authority of the Mayor.

Implementing Orders (IO) establish specific Board of County Commissioner legislation or policies that fall under their authority, including fees departments charged to the public. Implementing Orders are submitted to the Board of County Commissioners for their action to accept, amend, or reject.

Complete AO / IO List

Number Title
  AO 1-1 Administrative Orders
  AO 1-3 Gifts to the County
  AO 2-1 Items for Commission Action
  AO 2-2 Request for Legal Opinion
  AO 2-3 Facsimile Signatures
  AO 2-4 Tort Liability Claims Settlements
  IO 2-5 Code Enforcement
  AO 2-6 Disclosure of Interest Form (Zoning Application) Department of Planning, Development and Regulation
  AO 2-7 Emergency Code Enforcement Remediation and Mitigation Fund
  IO 2-8 Ethical Campaign Practices - Expedited Hearing Procedure
  AO 2-9 Restitution for Ethics Violations
  IO 2-11 Neighborhood Stabilization Program
  IO 2-12 Miami-Dade County Diversion Program
  IO 2-13 Guidelines and Procedures Regarding Legal Opinions with Respect to County Competitive Processes
  AO 3-1 Budget Amendments and Transactions
  AO 3-3 Black Business Enterprise Program for the purchase of goods and services
  AO 3-5 Memberships in Professional Organizations
  AO 3-6 Petty Cash
  AO 3-7 Disposition of Audit Reports
  AO 3-8 Transportation Administration
  IO 3-9 Accounts Receivable Adjustments
  AO 3-11 Art in Public Places Program Implementation and Fund Transfer Procedure
  AO 3-13 Revocation and Refusal to Renew Occupational Licenses of Entities Doing Business with Cuba in Violation of Federal Law
  IO 3-15 Uniform Minimum Standards for Application, Contracting, Assessment, Monitoring, Organizational Review, and Performance Review of Community-Based Organizations Monitored by the Office of Management and Budget or its Successor Department
  AO 3-17 Hispanic business enterprise program for the purchase of goods and services
  AO 3-18 Women business enterprise program for the purchase of goods and services
  AO 3-19 Prompt Payment
  AO 3-20 Independent Private Sector Inspector General (IPSIG) Services
  IO 3-21 Bid Protest Procedures
  IO 03-22 Small Business Enterprise Construction Services Program (
  AO 3-23 Anti-discrimination in Contracting, Procurement, Bonding, and Financial Services Activities
  IO 3-24 Responsible Wages and Benefits for County Construction Contracts
  AO 3-25 Surcharge Fee on Municipalities and Quasi-Governmental Entities Utilizing Joint Purchase Provisions for the Purpose of Procuring Goods and Services
  AO 3-26 Establishing the Threshold and Guidelines for Feasibility and Value Analysis/Engineering VA/E Studies for Miami-Dade County Construction Projects
  AO 3-27 Cone of Silence
  AO 3-28 Classifying, Tracking, Monitoring, and Reporting All Change Orders on Miami-Dade County Construction Projects
  AO 3-29 Prohibiting County Contracting with Individuals and Entities Who are in Arrears to the County
  AO 3-30 Living Wages Requirement for County Service Contracts
  IO 3-32 Community Business Enterprise (CBE-A/E) Program for the Purchase of Professional Architectural, Landscape Architectural, Engineering, or Surveying and Mapping Services
  IO 3-34 Formation and Performance of Selection Committees
  AO 3-35 Purchasing Card Program
  AO 3-36 Programming Partnerships
  IO 3-37 Community Workforce Program
  IO 3-38 Master Procurement Implementing Order
  AO 3-39 Standard process for construction of Capital improvements, acquisition of professional services, construction contracting, change orders and reporting
  IO 3-41 Small Business Enterprise (SBE) Program for the Purchase of Goods and Services
  AO 3-42 Evaluation and Suspension of Contractors and Consultants
  IO 3-44 Infill Housing Program Initiative
  IO 3-47 Process for Allocation of Surplus and Other Funds from Building Better Communities-General Obligation Bond (BBC-GOB) Program
  IO 3-48 Miami International Airport North Terminal Development Procurement
  AO 3-49 Capital Improvements expedite Procedure Relating to Review Process for the Application of Small Business Programs Measures Including aggregate Set-Asides. Subcontractor/Subconsultant Goals, or Trade Set-Asides for Work Order Based Contracts
  AO 3-52 Partial Payments of Current Year Taxes and Assessments on Real Property or Tangible Personal Property
  IO 3-53 Miscellaneous Construction Contracts Program
  IO 3-54 Wage Theft Program
  IO 3-55 Green Business Certification Program
  IO 3-56 Procurement of the Office of the Miami-County Property Appraiser
  IO 3-57 Adoption of Standard Construction Contract
  IO 3-58 First Source Hiring Referral Program
  IO 3-59 Procurement of the Miami-Dade Military Affairs Board
  IO 3-60 Administration of the Workforce Housing Development Program
  IO 3-61 Residents First Training and Employment Program
  AO 3-63 Employ Miami-Dade Program
  IO 4-4 Port of Miami Terminal Tariff No. 010
  AO 4-15 Racing Permit Fees
  AO 4-23 Use of Data Processing Equipment and Products to Obtain Tax Roll Information
  IO 4-33 Fee Schedule for Miami-Dade Police Department
  IO 4-34 Permitting of Film and Video Tape Productions
  IO 4-41 Schedule of Fees for Permits for Public Works Construction and Other Public Works Related Items
  IO 4-42 Fee Schedule for Regulatory and Economic Resources (Environmental Resources Management Services)
  AO 4-43 Animal Trades and Sales
  AO 4-44 Trading of Plants and/or Landscape Materials or Supplies
  AO 4-46 Schedule of Fees for Permits for the Movement of Oversize and /or Overweight Vehicles and Charges for Personnel and Equipment
  AO 4-48 Fees Charged to the Public for Examining and Duplicating Records
  AO 4-49 Fees to be Charged for Verifying Liens on Real Property
  AO 4-50 Appointment, Licensing and Bond of Stevedores
  IO 4-51 Animal Services Department Fees
  IO 4-56 Schedule of Fees and Tolls for the Venetian Causeway
  IO 4-57 Schedule of Fees and Tolls for the Rickenbacker Causeway
  IO 4-60 Schedule of Fees for Permits for Public Works and Waste Management Department Construction (Explosives)
  IO 4-63 Fee Schedule for Regulatory and Economic Resources Department (Building and Neighborhood Compliance)
  AO 4-66 Charges for Use of Cooperative Extension Auditorium
  IO 4-68 Schedule of All Service Levels and Fees for Miami-Dade County Solid Waste Services
  IO 4-76 Election Board and Support Personnel Compensation Schedule
  AO 4-77 Application Fee for Creation of Emergency Vehicle Zones
  IO 4-82 Schedule of Fees for County Parking Facilities
  AO 4-83 Rules, Regulations and Fee Schedule for Branch Auto Tag Agencies and Fees Paid by Agencies to the County
  AO 4-85 Service Concurrency Fee Schedule, Standards, Evaluation Methods, Criteria, and Policies and Procedures
  AO 4-86 Worthless Checks
  IO 4-87 Fee Schedule for the Miami-Dade Dade County Stormwater Utility
  IO 4-88 Medical Examiner Fees for Service
  AO 4-90 Organization and Operating Procedures of the Metropolitan Dade County Stormwater Utility
  AO 4-91 Administrative Order Outlining Procedures to Assess and Prioritize County's Needs, and Evaluate Community-Based Organizations Subject to Social and Human Services Committee Review
  AO 4-94 Standards for Establishing the Nominating Process, Categories and Criteria for the County's Medal of Merit Award
  IO 4-97 Fee Schedule for the Miami-Dade Public Library System
  AO 4-98 Schedule of Fees for Routine Medical Service Rendered to Incarcerated Inmates
  IO 4-100 Policies and Procedures, Departmental Responsibilities and Fees and Fines for Parking Spaces for Persons Transporting Young Children and Strollers
  AO 4-104 Schedule of Fees for Subscription to Receive BCC Regular and Special Meeting Agendas and Clerk's Summary of Minutes
  IO 4-107 Fee Schedule for RER Consumer Protection Services
  AO 4-108 Rules and Regulations for an Electronic Filing System for Limited Branch Offices
  IO 4-110 Schedule of Rates, Fees and Charges for Miami-Dade Water and Sewer Department
  IO 4-111 Fee Schedule for Regulatory and Economic Resources (Planning, Zoning, and Platting Services)
  IO 4-113 Fee Schedule for Miami-Dade County Corrections and Rehabilitation Department Daily Inmate Subsistence and Uniform
  IO 4-114 Schedule of Fees for the Platting of Property by the Public Works Department
  AO 4-115 Governing the Building Permit Process
  IO 4-116 Fee Schedule For Miami-Dade Corrections and Rehabilitation Department Monitored Release Program
  AO 4-117 Fee Schedule for Miami-Dade Corrections and Rehabilitation Department Work Release Program
  IO 4-119 Fee Schedule for the Miami-Dade Park, Recreation and Open Spaces Department
  AO 4-120 Building Permit Process Alternatives
  AO 4-121 Fee Schedule for Miami-Dade County Courts self help collecting courts and drive legal programs
  IO 4-123 Miami-Dade County Fire Prevention Fee Schedule
  IO 4-125 Summary of Rates, Fees and Charges - Miami-Dade Aviation Department
  IO 4-126 Fee Schedule for Department of Emergency Management Review of Health Care Facilities Emergency Management Plans
  IO 4-127 Fee Schedule for the Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Department Emergency Medical Services
  IO 4-128 Fee Schedule for the Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Department Training
  IO 4-129 Annexation and Incorporation Application Fees
  IO 4-130 Fee Schedule for the Community Action and Human Services Department
  IO 4-131 Fee Schedule for the Department of Cultural Affairs
  IO 4-132 Public Housing and Community Development Fee Schedule
  IO 4-133 Schedule of Transit Fares Rates and Charges
  IO 4-134 Fee for Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Junior Lifeguard Program
  IO 4-135 Administrative Fee for Delivery of Anti-Venom Serum by Miami-Dade Fire Rescue
  IO 4-136 Fee Schedule for Hire Transportation Services
  IO 4-137 Fee Schedule for Florida Department of Health in Miami-Dade County
  IO 4-138 Fee Schedule for the Miami-Dade Parks, Recreation and Open Spaces Department Special Assessment Districts Division
  AO 5-3 Central Duplicating Services
  AO 5-4 Forms Control
  AO 5-5 Acquisition, Assignment and Use of Telecommunication Devices and Network Resources
  AO 6-1 Travel on County Business
  AO 6-2 Assignment, Operation, Acquisition, Maintenance and Disposal of County Vehicles
  AO 6-3 Use of Private Vehicles
  AO 6-5 Attendance at Local Conferences
  IO 6-8 Use of Cellular Telephones and Similar Wireless Devices while Operating County Vehicles
  AO 7-1 Outside Employment and Gratuities
  AO 7-2 Political Participation
  AO 7-3 Disciplinary Action
  AO 7-4 Tuition Refund Program
  AO 7-5 Labor Organizations
  AO 7-6 Personnel Policy on Equal Employment Opportunity
  IO 7-7 Policies and Procedures Establishing a Public Service Honor Code For Elected and appointed County Officials and County Employees
  AO 7-8 Employee Suggestion Program
  AO 7-9 Overtime Policy
  AO 7-10 Supplemental Longevity Payment Policy
  AO 7-11 Emergency Service Award Program
  AO 7-12 Employee Patent Rights
  AO 7-13 Employees Arrested on Charges Resulting from Performance on Job
  AO 7-14 Safety and Loss Prevention
  IO 7-15 Rates for Special Off-Duty Services
  AO 7-16 Administration and Delegation of Authority to Discipline
  AO 7-17 Reimbursement for Moving Expenses
  AO 7-18 Grievance Procedure
  AO 7-19 Performance Evaluation
  IO 7-20 Disposal of Unclaimed Personal Property
  AO 7-21 Personnel Policy for Centralized Employment Services
  AO 7-23 Reimbursement to County Employees for Loss of Personal Property
  AO 7-24 Records Management Program
  AO 7-26 Executive Service Award Program
  AO 7-27 Alcohol and Drug Screening for Pre-Employment and County Provided Physical Examinations
  AO 7-29 Alcohol and Drug Screening for County Employees Based Upon Reasonable Suspicion
  AO 7-30 Employee Recognition Programs
  AO 7-31 Name-Clearing Hearings
  AO 7-32 Expenditure of Budgeted Aviation and Seaport Department Promotional Funds and Expenditure of Airport Revenue for Promotional Activities
  IO 7-33 Rates for Special Off-Duty Fire Rescue Services
  AO 7-34 Naming of a Public Road Right of Way in Honor of a County Employee Who Gives His or Her Life in the Line of Duty
  AO 7-35 Personnel Policy for Contractual Employment Services
  AO 7-36 Workplace Violence
  AO 7-37 Unlawful Harassment
  AO 7-38 Employees Whose Required License or Certification is Suspended, Revoked or Expired
  AO 7-39 Employees Arrested On Duty or Off Duty
  AO 7-40 Community Mentoring Initiative
  IO 7-41 Pre-Employment Fingerprint Based Criminal History Records Check
  AO 7-42 Ethic Awareness Programs
  IO 7-43 Domestic Violence in the Workplace
  IO 7-44 Rehiring of County Retirees
  IO 7-45 Equal Employment Opportunity Policy Prohibiting Unlawful Discrimination, Harassment or Retaliation
  AO 8-1 Acquisition or Lease of Real Property From the Private Sector
  AO 8-2 Use, Care, Control and Disposal of County Property
  AO 8-3 Special Event Permits in Park and Recreation Department Facilities
  IO 8-4 Guidelines and Procedures for Sale or Lease of County Real Property
  AO 8-5 Permission to Conduct Private Business on Public Property
  IO 8-6 Prohibition on Smoking and the use of Electronic Cigarettes and other Nicotine Dispensing Devices in all County enclosed indoor workplaces
  AO 8-7 Deering Estate at Cutler Fee Waivers and Fee Reductions
  IO 8-8 Sustainable Building Programs
  IO 8-9 Marketing Partnerships Program
  AO 9-1 Organization of County Departments
  AO 9-2 Office of Community Relations
  AO 9-22 Delegation of Powers to the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation
  AO 10-2 Parking Enforcements Rules and Regulations
  AO 10-3 Building Product Approval Procedures
  IO 10-4 Standards for Producing a Visitor Information Map for Distribution by Any Rental Car Companies in Dade County
  AO 10-5 Interest Paid by the Miami-Dade Water and Sewer Authority Department on Customer Water and Sewer Deposits
  AO 10-7 Appeal Procedures for General Hauler and Landscaper Permit Revocations and Denials
  IO 10-8 Rules and Regulations of the Miami-Dade Water and Sewer Department
  AO 10-9 Valuation of Unsafe Structures
  AO 10-10 Duties and responsibilities of county departments for compliance with the Americans with disabilities act (ADA)
  AO 10-11 Privacy Standards
  AO 10-12 Zoning Procedures for Advertisement of Issuance of Rockmining Certificate of Use and Rights to Appeal
  IO 10-13 Public Involvement Plan
  IO 10-14 Foreclosure Registry
  IO 10-15 Office Of Consumer Protection Minimum Specialized Equipment Requirements For Motor Vehicle Mechanical Repair Facilities, Motor Vehicle Body Repair Facilities And Motor Vehicle Paint Facilities In Miami-Dade County
  AO 11-1 Energy Management Incentive Program and Energy Investment Fund
  AO 11-2 Testing of Energy Saving Products
  AO 11-3 Life Cycle Costing Procedures

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