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Commission on Disability Issues

The Commission on Disability Issues (CODI) is an official advisory board to the Miami-Dade County Commission.

CODI advises both the Board of County Commissioners and the County administration on issues affecting people with disabilities. County staff may be invited to CODI meetings to make presentations, provide information or discuss issues.


The Commission on Disability Issues enables citizens and their government to work together to make Miami-Dade County a place where people with disabilities can fulfill their greatest potential for independence and achievement.


Learn more about the by-laws of the CODI including the statement of purpose, powers and more.


All meetings of CODI are open to the public and are held in accessible facilities. If you need an accommodation to participate in the meeting please call 305-375-2013 or email [email protected] or [email protected] at least five days prior to the meeting.


Learn more about becoming a member and see the current members.


See the CODI minutes for past meetings.

Official Opinions

Official opinions provided by Commission on Disability Issues.