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Sealed Bid Sales

A sealed bid is a formal sale for surplus property which requires a bid deposit and a performance bond. It is not an auction. The bid document for a sealed bid contains the specific terms and conditions of the sale and the "Bid Proposal and Certification Form," which must be used to submit a bid. Prospective bidders must carefully and completely read the bid document, comply with the terms and conditions and meet all deadlines.

The bid deposit is an amount of money, equal to 10 percent of the total amount bid for all items on the sale, which must be submitted with the Bid Proposal and Certification Form. Sealed bids not accompanied by a bid deposit will be rejected.

Pending Sealed Bid Sales

There are no pending bid sales at this time.

Payment Terms and Conditions

Please read the terms and conditions portion of the bid document carefully.

Some terms have changed. In particular, please note that cash will not be accepted for a bid deposit, a payment in full, or a performance bond.

Bid deposits and performance bonds must be made by cashier's check, drawn upon a U.S. bank and made payable to "Board of County Commissioners."

Payments in full may be made only by buyer's Visa, MasterCard, or cashier's check, again drawn upon a U.S. bank, and made payable to "Board of County Commissioners."

Performance Bond

Performance bond is an amount of money placed on deposit at the time the successful bidder pays for what they are buying, equal to 20 percent of the total price paid by the successful bidder or $200 per item purchased, whichever is greater, up to a maximum of $1,000 unless otherwise specified in the bid document.

The performance bond is retained by Surplus Property Sales Section until the successful bidder presents proof that all items purchased have been fully removed to the satisfaction of the County and without damage to other County property. Once such proof is presented (in the form of a Bid Item Removal Receipt for each item purchased), the performance bond is refunded.

In the event that the successful bidder either fails to completely remove the items purchased or in doing so, damages other County property, the performance bond may be withheld in whole or in part by the County.