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Small Business Development Forms

Certificate of Certified Payroll Form WH-347

Job Clearinghouse Affidavit for the Community Workforce Program

RFTE 1 - Responsible Contractor and Subcontractor Affidavit Form

RFTE 2 - Construction Workforce Plan Form

RFTE 3 - Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Contractor Affidavit

RFTE 4 - Workforce Performance Report

Small Business Development (SBD), a division of the Internal Services Department, can be contacted at 305-375-3111 or [email protected].

  • For information regarding project analysis, the Certificate of Assurance, or unavailability of certified small businesses, contact SBD's Project Review and Analysis Section
  • For information regarding utilization reporting (Compliance Audits), submission of certified payrolls and workforce requirements, contact SBD's Contract Monitoring and Compliance Section
  • For information regarding the Business Management Workforce System and submission of subcontractor and supplier demographic and payment information, contact SBD's Policy and Legislation Management Section
  • For information regarding certification, contact SBD's Certification Section